#Hobonichi With Me Facebook Live + Allie in Saitama + Pokemon Go!

Hi everybody!

Here’s a photospam / photo diary of what happened this weekend!


Had an impromptu / spontaneous facebook live today!


Here’s the Hobonichi spread output for 2 days~

You can watch the entire process here.



Also, I just finished uploading our Tambara Lavender Park #Hobonichi video (with some clips / video snippets of our adventure) ~


Just a random photo of this super cute icecream packaging!

IMG_8015Allie Pokemon Go

Photo of my friend Allie taking over my mini atelier / craft corner in the room!

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Reunited With My College Friends! + Taiwan Kawaii Travel Diary

Hello everybody!

It’s been a week since my Taiwan trip with my univ friends and IT WAS SUCH A BLAST waaaaah ~

We planned this entire trip since late 2015 and finally, it happened! Why does it feel like I just dreamt about it??? *_*

*currently missing everyone*

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Thank you Patrik for this photo!

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I can’t wait to blog the entire series! 

If you are thinking about exploring Asia, Taiwan is definitely one of my recommended countries. If you are a Studio Ghibli / kawaii fan, then you will definitely LOVE Taiwan!

Never been in a place with so many Totoro / Ghibli stuff! I even found a milktea place with No Face packaging design, haha.

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Spirited Away’s visuals / sceneries were heavily inspired by this wonderful place called “Jiufen”.

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View from the Chiang Kai Shek memorial hall.

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So delighted to know that Taiwan also does the stamp-collecting trend! Was able to influence my friends Kat & Lora to go on a stamp rally with me.

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Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum in Koganei, Tokyo + #HobonichiWithMe Series

Hi everyone!

These days, I’ve been uploading #HobonichiWithMe videos! I’ve been wanting to do something similar to this (Kawaii DIY related) when I was in Manila but I forgot my tripod! *_* Finally, I had time to setup everything! (Time = 2 hours before work lol)

I used to do my hobonochi “exercise” during nighttime but I’m enjoying it more as it has become part of my morning ritual. I was so surprised by the feedback of my first video (uploaded on facebook) that it inspired me more to continue documenting my session & sharing it with others afterwards. I’ll have more crafty / kawaii diy-related videos later on but for now, here’s a good start! 😉

hobonichi with me

#Hobonichi with Kaila!


Enough of my hobonichi, and let’s start with the Edo Tokyo Museum photos!

Edo Tokyo Museum Cherry Blossoms 30

Very scenic bathhouse in the open air museum. Studio Ghibli feels!

Edo Tokyo Museum Cherry Blossoms 75

Perfect season to go there? Of course, Spring!

Edo Tokyo Museum3

(Thanks Abbey for this photo!)

Edo Tokyo Museum Cherry Blossoms 78

Thank you Reese for inviting the whole gang here! I went with Gil, Justin and Abbey!

Edo Tokyo Museum Cherry Blossoms 68

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