An Unforgettable Summer in Boracay

Hi everyone! 🙂

Last week, my friends (Chichi, Francis, Kaye, Ashley & Justin) spent an unforgettable week in Boracay Island together.

Here are some photos from the trip.



Banana shake everyday please!


Support the locals by purchasing their handicrafts! 🙂


Me trying (or struggling lol) to get that “Baywatch” photo hahaha


White sand beach!


When in Boracay, one should try dining at the Sunny Side Cafe. I highly recommend their Tapsilog!


Taking my time at Crystal Cove, haha


Tricycle rides every morning and evening! 🙂

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Manual Blogging ft. Hobonichi + Adventures with Abbey & Reesey

Hi everyone!

Just a quick photospam update of what I’ve been up to these weeks~!

As of today, I have 15+ blog entries waiting to be fulfilled starting last month. As much as I’d want to blog so often every after significant day / adventure with a friend, I’m trying my best to focus on enjoying everything first (and ~be more present~) and then finally compiling all the documentation later in blog entry form. Recently, I’ve been enjoying “blogging manually” using my first hobonichi.


I got so addicted to documenting my day that my Day 8 turned out like this. :))

*career mode on!*


I’ve been soooo busy with all the online / web-related work that’s why this very hands-on activity is something that I find very relaxing / stress-relieving.

Reminds me of the time when we were required to write on our “Reading Journal” + my “Hobby Craft Club” days back in elementary.


Writing down my thoughts & exercising my creativity both make me grateful and productive at the same time.

I keep a lot of planners / diaries / notebooks with me so I could write on my personal dreams (as a form of visualization / my way of “calling the universe”) and also for me to practice the self-imposed regular “gratitude exercises” I’ve promised myself to do since years ago.  I have this tendency to be soooo overwhelmed about things so listing down things (no matter how important or unimportant these are) has greatly helped me keep sane and positive.

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Daily Life Updates + Our Kawaii Tokyo Survey + Takashi Murakami’s The 500 Arhats Exhibition

Hi everyone!

Today is Fridaaaaay (in Japan)! And that means, last day of work for this week! *confetti everywhere*

Just taking a break from making .gif promotions for Japan Lover Me Store. How I missed blogging, haha. It’s only been days since I last blogged but I’ve gotten so busy and engrossed in my work! :)) Productive-wise, I think that’s okay hahaha.


First off, just want to plug the ongoing Our Kawaii Tokyo survey we’re having!

We need more info about what our readers for our book project. One lucky respondent will receive this super pretty sakura / cherry blossom postcard I personally handpicked! 🙂


Just listed these cute Takashi Murakami flower plush cushions!


Felt suffocated inside the office so I decided to walk around the neighborhood. Went to 7-eleven to buy my favorite gyudon! 😀


Received my new set of business cards! Didn’t include my number / address in this one, haha.

This set was pre-designed at Zazzle! 🙂


My old iPhone case looks so overused already so I finally convinced myself to buy a new one. Just wanted a plain / simple one but LoFT ran out of iPhone 6 plus cases already :(( So I had to settle with this one. I think the quote is okay but.. it’s so deep ? :)) Anyway, I just want to protect my iPhone because I’m such a clumsy girl. This will do for now, haha!


Thought that this moment was too cute so I had to capture it. I still don’t know the name / makers behind those cute plushies, haha!

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Pancakes with Friends + #Rainicorn Dream Date in Harajuku + Reminiscing Bunka Days with Leen

Hello! こんにちは!

Here’s a super overdue post from December last year! : )

DSCF1405kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Prepare for a kawaii overload!

DSCF1588kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Shinjuku in its golden glory.

DSCF1385kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku


DSCF1335kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Kawaii Christmas snack packs from SWIMMER

DSCF1367kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Pompompurin Cafe curry, my absolute fave!

DSCF1676allie laura coffee pancakes tokyo

Starbucks weekend with friends : )


Received a super adorable New Year’s card from the creative duo Lando & Allie. They made this! *_*

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