Kaila & Friends (Spring 2015)

Hello everyone!

Just want to share all these photos from my phone. I met up with a lot of friends for the past weeks here in Tokyo ~  :happy:

Posting these photos does make me miss them all the more! ;_;


Long time no OOTD! <3


And here’s my camera roll situation when I try to take decent ootd picture. Derpina wooo hahaha


Hi Sakura, you will always be my #ForeverLove haha


Kawaii Chisa helping me out with my kombini cravings haha


Went to Chiba area and gave our family friend Huy-san a visit! <3


Went to Naka-meguro with my cousin Gilbert for the cherry blossoms : )


My bestfriend from university finally visited me in Japan huhu! We had a quick sakura stroll in Shinjyuku Goen and I brought her to Pancake Days <3

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On Friendships & Successes


Hello everyone! My body is still recovering from all the fun, screams, and rollercoaster rides we had in FUJI Q Highland. I thought that I would be 100% okay after the whole day of trying out the world’s craziest rides.. but the motion sickness came quite late after. Ackkk. ;_;

For today’s reflective post, this is something that I’ve been pondering for quite some time as well. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this here on my blog but I had my third “FB detox” and just had a comeback again after 3 months? : )) I do facebook detox because I’m more productive when I use my “for work only” FB account. It feels good to be back though. I missed interacting with (more) people, haha! For some reason, I now use my FB account (since I have set it on public before) just for project-related announcements, etcetera.. Anyway, this is not the subject for this blog entry, lolol. I don’t even know why I wrote those, but there.. hahaha.

Whenever I think & reminisce my ~journey~ from a frustrated dreamer in Manila, and all the crazy things and the wonderful and not-so-wonderful people (God bless you all) I’ve met along the way to where I am now (who is still in the process of figuring / trying things out).. all I can say is.. “phew“. Or.. WOW.

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