My Kawaii Wishlist + Fuji Q Part 1 + Rainbowholic Room & Workspace


 Good morning! おはようございます from Japan!

For today’s photospam post, I’ll be sharing my own Kawaii Wish List (an activity that Ashley started within Kawaii Philippines Community)!


Matcha cake, Cardcaptor Sakura merch, Studio Ghibli / Totoro goodies, Cherry blossom stickers…

And my dream workstation from Niko and Slow Life : ))



 My kawaii wish is to be able to eat all icecream flavors without gaining pounds hahaha


I wanna try this Sailor Moon contact lenses!! Jupiter please!


Cherry blossom for indoors! These are good for props, haha!

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Disney Sea for January First & World’s Craziest Rollercoaster: Fuji Q!

If you were following my blog for a while, you would remember that I’ve gone to Disney Sea twice already. One was me being a remarkable student skipping her summer class, and one was for the Halloween season!

Actually, my brother was thinking of taking us to Disney Sea for the countdown (it was most anticipated!) but we were having our own little adventure in Roppongi that time. After our sleepover in a manga cafe in Roppongi, my brother toured us around Tokyo to see the imperial palace, and other awesome emperor-related places within the area. Tokyo to Chiba drive was just … wow! It was not really a comfortable ride since we were all inside in a beetle with a bunch of things!

Let’s start now, shall we?  :33:

Brought Duffy’s girlfriend with me, Shellie May. Disneysea / Disneyland is not only for kids, but also for 20 something year olds child-at-heart like me!



My Little Stitch cousin, Kuya Kevin!

Ate Claire and my brother. Go punch him!


People resting from the previous night’s countdown for New Year

They kept on teasing me about my furry leg warmers… but those really kept me warm so who cares? Haha

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