Plum Blossom Viewing at Hanegi Park, Tokyo + A Surprise Birthday Gift From Asmitha

Hi everyone!

Last weekend, Laura and I went to Hanegi Park in Shimokitazawa to see the plum blossoms!

The pretty plums aren’t in full bloom yet so if you are in Tokyo this week, better grab this opportunity! I recommend this to be added to your itinerary! 🙂

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 20

Plum blossoms are as beautiful as cherry blossoms! <3

tokyo plum blossom viewing ume shimokitazawa 6

More photos later when you scroll down below! 🙂



But before that, let me just share this very sweet / thoughtful gesture by Asmitha-chan (a little sister / 妹ちゃん reader of mine).

I seriously did not expect a “birthday package” again this 2016!

asmitha rainbowholic gift8

I super appreciate this! Handmade gifts are really the most touching!

(BTW, here’s what Asmitha-chan sent to me last year!)

asmitha rainbowholic gift1

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Thankful for the biggest and littlest things.

I may be the shallowest person out there but I just couldn’t help but feel extra thankful recently. ;_;

I have to admit though, I’ve had some not-so-good days for the past weeks and I’m really trying my best to be positive all the time. I got so stressed & overwhelmed because of work (=pressure).. and for some reason, I felt SOOOooo homesick. ;_; But after watching this TEDx video about emotional hygiene, I became more aware and in touch with my emotions and I began to dwell less in sad things.

I guess I just have to constantly remind myself everyday of my goals and how to enjoy the entire journey while I’m on my way there. : )

So for today, I will compose a blog entry that is all about appreciation and gratitude. : )


On my way home, I passed by this “illumination” / illuminated area. After a 3-hour work at Cocoon, this sight was definitely refreshing 🙂


Craved for Cloud 9 so much! When I visited the office, I found out that my cousin had a stash of Cloud 9 chocolates. I CRY


Was feeling quite blue that day until I received a lovely package from Love Japan Magazine team.

Thank you so much Emily-san for this physical copy! I will post more about Love Japan Mag next time with some photo snippets of the issue.


My brother kept this letter for sooo long (he forgot to give it to me). This was sent to me by one of  the best supporters of Kawaii Philippines, Ysa of

The letter touched my heart so much. Kawaii PH work may seem all fun and sparkly but it’s also hard work in reality of course! 🙂 Getting appreciated for your efforts = makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

Thank you Ysa for this! I am inspired by your story as well. May we empower more girls in the community with our love for kawaii / Japanese culture!


Thankful for this gem of a friend.. Abbey! It’s so rare to find a friend like this one! Sometimes we’d even finish each other’s sentences, haha!

I can’t wait for more #ABCxRainbowholic travels in the future! 4 seasons in Japan?? Yes please!

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Christmas 2014 at Tokyo Disneyland (Teaser)

Hello everyone! Just a quick teaser post~!  :blush3:

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Tokyo Disneyland ~ after weeks of planning! And it was a day FULL OF LAUGHS & screaming, haha!

Thank you so much Emika for arranging this!

And arigatou to the crew– Gervin, Ashley and Kiko for the unforgettable time!

Here are some sneak-peek photos of the ~magical~ day <3


Carousel at night  :cute2:


The happiest place on Eath indeed 🙂


Never too old for Minnie ears!



Before I end this quick entry, I just want to say and express my huge thanks to Brittany, a Rainbowholic reader from Canada, for sending all of these goodies!  :happy:

Hope I can visit Canada someday! 🙂

Tokyo Disneyland


So much to be thankful for~ ahhh! <3

Love, カイラ