January 3 + Food and Friends + Everyday Kawaii Life

Before you scroll down below, go and watch TV first OR check your facebook / instagram because this entry will definitely take a lot of time to load.  😆


This blog entry will contain random snaps from my handy iPhone from last December up to now~

I actually have moreeee and this one has been filtered already. : ))


Honestly, for the past days / week, I’ve been feeling drained. And a little bit lost.

I actually thought of closing down this blog (not my social media accounts) for quite a long time because of the amount of work / sudden gush of responsibilities (family-related) I have now.

But I realized that the amount of work or that the load isn’t really the problem.

It’s just that I didn’t know how to spend my time wisely nor organize everything in an efficient manner, without sacrificing something that I love doing.

It might be a bit weird but after reflecting whether to stop or not, I came up with a list on how to make blogging become more effortless on my part~ and I’m doing it now.

I have to maximize the hours I have in a day to allot time for everything that I want to accomplish.

I have to be more responsible in handling my time. : )

My aim this year is to not be tirelessly busy, but be more focused & productive so that I could have more time doing what I enjoy the most (to keep me sane, hehe)!  :yay:


Hope you enjoy the kawaii photo spam below!  :happy:

Random La La La

Before my birthday (actually during Kawaii PH launch day), ChiChi handed me a Christmas + birthday present.

I didn’t open it until it was Christmas and imagine my shock when I saw a framed giant CLOW CARD called THE RAINBOWHOLIC.

ChiChi is a creative genius!  :heart:

Watching the sunset while sitting on the grass. Simple joys that I very much treasure.

On my birthday, after attending a morning mass from our church, saw this dreamy cotton candy blue vintage beetle.

Someday, love.  :blush3:

Waiting for the sunrise from my place.


Yay for food <3

2013 ended with this great news.

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Because I have been a good girl…


I just came back from my 1-week Christmas trip /  reunion with my boyfriend (after 6 long months) in Hongkong! I had lots of surprises from last week and the following below are the highlights!  :heart:

I promise to post more about our holiday vacation (planned this way back. and omg it did come true  😥 It was hard trying to keep this as a secret!) on my next posts. I don’t even know where to start @_____@

My first santa was Carlo.  :heart: We have been together for almost a year.. and the sad part is, the time we’re away from each other is >>> from the time we became official. HUHUHU

I don’t know how he saved up for my mini diana (from my wishlist since forever!!).. but he did. It started with a tag on facebook.. and the tag became a real gift. Y U SWEET

He was telling me to open the cabinet for my gift, and there IT WAS. HUHUHUHUHUHU  :yay:

(the chocolates were commanded to be bought so.. = ))) the ferrero rocher doesn’t really count as a surprise hehe )

I went home alone all the way from Narita… and while I was a way, Santa came by and fixed my room!

Even my duffy bears are welcoming me huhuhuhuhu

Thank you so much Ate Claire  :heart: Ate Claire is my brother’s (sweet) girlfriend 8D



And then… while I was fixing some stuff in my room, I found this unopened package..

I went @_____@ when I saw the contents! Caro from Sweet Streets LA sent me two gigantic / adorkable Hello Kitty bows from Chubby Bunny!!!!

Sweetest girl ever!!!!

Coincidentally, I also bought pairS of hello kitty glasses during my trip. And a new iPhone case to match. More on my HK shopping haul later!

:starru:   :star:

Just when I left for Hongkong, my brother sent me a photo of a package from Philippines…

It’s from Anne Kate! One of the lucky winners of my Dream Website giveaway from before….

Art <3

Also received cute usamimi headbands from her little shop, RamenBoy Shop. Super cute!! Thank you so much for sending this all the way from there!


I shall update again later~ Thank you so much everyone ;___;