#VisitJapanJP Instagram Launch + Our Original Kawaii Washi Tape ?

Hi all!

Before I go to sleep now, I just wanna share some recent events in my life.

Last week, I got to witness a Noh performance for a few minutes, thanks to Instagram Japan. Arigato to Justin for tagging me along (so spontaneous lol)! For the event coverage, head over to his wonderfully crafted website to read the blog entry.

Souvenir jacket from JLM STORE / Finding Yayoi at Ginza Six

VIDEO:  Visit Japan JP Instagram Event + Tsukimi Dango

If you love taking photos when vacationing around Japan, make sure to use the hashtags: #JapanLoverMe #VisitJapanJP #UnknownJapan & #InstagramJapan (to get your photos / account discovered) ^^

If you’re planning to go to Ginza, stop by at Ginza Six and go to the food section (basement).

Tsujiri’s Uji Matcha icecream = CANNOT BE MISSED! So heavenly!!

Instagrammers all over the country gathered in place

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Last Day at Ginza with Kawaii Leaders + Uniqlo Kawaii Style + Yummy Okonomiyaki in Harajuku

Hello friends! How are you?  :heart: It’s crazy how time flies so much! I cannot believe it’s DECEMBER AGAAAIIIN! : )  :heart:

Even though things have become busier because of our www.kawaii.ph website launch this December 21,

I’m really happy that all our visions and objectives are finally coming true!

Ever since I got chosen by NHK World to become Philippines’ “Kawaii” represent in April 2013, I felt that I had to share and help spread kawaii more in a very hands-on way here in the Philippines. I decided to go back here in Manila last August.. and now, I have two months left before I go back to finish my new set of duties in Japan (which is to create more ties in order to bring Japan’s kawaii-dom closer here in Philippines.. and maybe to SEA / South-east Asia as well, with Stella and influential kawaii people!)! I feel so lucky to have dedicated teammates who really go out of their way for this dream kawaii project despite all the hurdles and negativity from naysayers (sad case of crab mentality crap here in PH). The more they question / dare to spread rumors regarding the team or our passion-filled projects, the more we get pumped up to do more work! Seriously, I think I’ll cry when December 21 finally arrives! : )


A year ago, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life and work. All I knew was I’ve got to TRY everything out and see what would work the best (as suggested by my TokyoFashion.com mentors). So I went out, met people.. and tried out different sorts of things.. and those were all kawaii-related gigs in Tokyo! Not all worked out so well even though I did my best… but I just realized that in every opportunity that I created for myself before (you don’t wait for those to come, you really create those.. hashtag learning haha), it led me another.. and to another, and to another.

Now that I have my plans solidified and laid out (all the way until 2015 guys, lol), I’m nervous yet excited to “execute” them all! Kawaii cafe in the Philippines, JapanLover.me Dream Tweam in Tokyo Design Festa November 2014.. and possibly, a Kawaii Convention in Manila in 2015! How exciting will these be?? I don’t know yet HOW in the world I can do all of these but I’ll just do the best of my best. : )

So much work to do, no time to blog already.. ooops. ~guilty~  :blush:


Kawaii with Uniqlo & GU (ji~yu~)!

Anyway, that’s my work-related update for now. Let’s enjoy the photospam below already. So much text already, ughhhh : )))


Here’s a super throwback blog entry of our last day together for our Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo special.  :yay:


Uniqlo x kawaii fun with Lolita Marie & our favorite pink&blue-haired Eva!

We had a giveaway for Kawaii.i fans way way way back~! 😀

Riding the subway with the girls~!

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An Afternoon in Ginza + Apple Store + World’s Largest UNIQLO store

Yesterday, my brother + his wife and I went to Ginza to get our Macbooks checked! Unfortunately, my brother’s Macbook Air’s keyboard started working funny when I went back to Philippines weeks ago (main reason why I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to). We were scared because it was rarely used (only for presentations) + it was bought around November last year.. good thing my brother bought Apple Care for the warranty.

My 2 yr. old Macbook Pro’s sd slot stopped working months and months ago (such a hassle for someone who always takes photos like me) so we also had it checked up. ;_; We’d have to pay 30,000 yen if we want to get it repaired but that’s too much for me so I’ll just buy an external card reader.. which probably costs 28,000 JPY less! That’s more practical, right?  :333:

Since we were in the area as well, we toured for a bit. Ever since I came back, my brother and I have been so busy with work / upcoming projects so it was a refreshing day for us just to chill around a bit.

Enjoy the photos  :star:

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