A Free Day with Fairy-kei Girls, Gals and Lolita Marie in Harajuku!

This will be just a quick photo update during our “kawaii tour” here in Tokyo.  😥

Yesterday, we had a free day so we figured we should just hang out together in Harajuku!  :yay:

I wore the Avantgarde tights that were given to us as gifts! I’ve been wanting the Chocomoo ones so I wore it already. Hamburger socks ftw.

Shernise, Marie, Michi, Mio, Su and Stella (is that Stella??? *_*)

Shernise, Su and Michi are Stella’s gyaru friends btw 😀

Crazy girls in Harajuku :))

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Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

Hello Rainbowholic readers~  :heart:

Gomen ne, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. ;_; For some reason, I don’t feel the same excitement when blogging unlike before.. hopefully this will just be a phase.  😥 *sigh*

To make-up for my slow blogging pace, here’s a kawaii spam you’ll all love.  :heart:

Rilakukuma, Kiiroitori and Chopper. Which is your fave?

Uwaaaaa~ :O :O :O

Chupa Chups drink in Ministop.. along with drinks I cannot have huhuhu.

Gallbladder y u like that 🙁 Milk triggers gallbladder attacks so I have to restrain myself so hard 🙁

Snacks at Ministop. I really love the Ministop branch near our place~ not so many people go there! It feels like a cafe for me, hehe.


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Kaila’s Gal Makeup Transformation with FindJPN

I have been wanting to try out the mature / otona gal look because it’s really different from my style and I want to shock my family and friends. This is why I’m very thankful to try out and review one of FindJPN’s fun activities, Kawaii Japanese Gal Makeover by Junko-san!


I was so happy that I didn’t mind spending 400 yen just to capture my Gyaru look! Hahaha~ Wish I had gyaru friends that day, haha!


  I didn’t want to neglect my moody / twistedly kawaii style so I wore something that I could call “me” ^^v

Platform sneaks from Shibuya 109, Bowholic bag + Disneyland Daisy keychains, etc + Mall girls bracelet by PSC Trinkets

If you like my Minnie/Daisy dress / outfit set, you can find similar ones here: Styled Sets by Kaila

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Gyaru x Lolita x Kaila

Since I don’t have anything to study for tomorrow, I decided to try something new for my blog. Besides studying, I actually have a ton of stuff to do but.. we all need breaks, don’t we?



Decided to stop by a drugstore-slash-kombini on my way home. Bought new additions for my super small makeup collection, haha. Actually, I’m not really a make-up person (I did try at first.. but it’s TIME CONSUMING). I’d usually just use a cheek tint for my laziest days. For somewhat-lazy days, I’d apply BB cream.. and when I have more time, I’d apply liquid eyeliner. Back in college, I’d practice everyday to perfect my then nonexistent eyeliner “lining” skills. There is a return of time investment.. if you practice. : D

Currently, I live in Saitama where I have to take 3 trains to get to Shinjuku (where Bunka is). In the mornings, I usually sweat a lot upon arriving Kita Urawa station by foot.. so no sticky makeup especially when it’s still the summer season (thank God it’s getting cooler now). And, I don’t want to “train” myself to want to put on make-up (that turns you into another person) everyday. I believe that every girl should still feel beautiful even without an ounce of makeup on her face. : )

mk01.JPG (850×850)

And here are my newest adds! Eyeshadow palette from Majolica Majorca, Cheek blush from Cosmagic (cute packaging!), Eyebrow pencil from Shiseido & Peach color lipstick from Maybelline.

mk02.JPG (850×700)

For today’s lolita x gyaru (lite) session, I used my new BB magic cream from Etude House (I ran out of the blue one!), foundation powder from Etude House, FREE Eyelashes from a Purikura booth in Kyoto (got four sets of this kind @_@), Magolica Majorca eye brightener, and black liquid eyeliner from Dolly Wink (from way beforeeeee’s haul).

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