New Hair, New Kaila! + Love Mail From A Malaysian Reader + Random Stuff

Hello~! KONBANWA 皆さま〜!!

Please welcome the NEW Kaila!! Hehehe~!  :yay:

For some reason, whenever I have my hair done / I color it with a new one.. I’d feel like a new person afterwards!!

It’s been so long since I had a dark hair. For the past.. 4 years (???) I’d always play around with brown color (orange-y brown, caramel brown, reddish brown, I’ve done it!) but I promised to myself to never go darker again.

But change is always good, even the drastic ones! Hahaha!

 Also, one of my readers commented before (Hi Maisa!) about going darker hair-wise. Thanks for the little push! That did it, haha!

At first, I wanted to buy the FRESHLIGHT hair washes since these are super easy & fun to use but…

… I decided to try out this brand!  :star: And I love it!!

My hair is so thick that’s why I had to buy 2 sets. And it turned out that I should’ve bought 3 instead ;__;

 Because of my very “heavy” crown, I overcooked the top part of my hair by accident. That is why it seems a bit black-ish in the photos when it’s actually “dark brown”.

As you can see from my tips below, it became a bit gradient-ish. I just found out today that I really left a part that’s a bit caramel / ash gray color! Hahaha!!


That’s my hair against the light. No color edits here!  :tongue: And I love my lips red, if you haven’t noticed that yet…

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Going Blonde for a Week + Kaila’s Moody Kawaii Fashion + Kinokuniya’s Manga Corner

Prepare for another lengthy blog post! Here are some snippets of what happened a few days ago and today.

Wore something special because it was my sister-in-law’s mother birthday. Had a wonderful lunch at a Chinese restaurant! I love Chinese foooood!

This is actually the “girliest” outfit I’ve come up with : )) I think it’s also a bit of otona / adult-like with the mustard blazer and wedges.. felt like a different Kaila during this day. : ))

Just a simple look with the basic white platforms + DIY ripped galaxy jeans I did for a tutorial.

Green bow Tiara is also available on my shop~ <3



and then ….


I went blonde! : ))))

Here’s a crazy look I made with my favorite (BAPE? is this BAPE?) shorts from my brother’s closet + oversized neon shirt from Donki.


Here’s how my room looks right now (it’s “cleaner” in the photos) and my new favorite plushie, Usagi!!! I want a chibimoon as well huhuhuhu

I had my hair “double bleached”. The term itself sounds painful but because my hair is going to be bleached for the first time, I may not attain the real dream hair I want if it’s only bleached once. Huhuhuhuhu  :sigh:

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Brighter Than The Usual + Periwinkle Ruffles and Flowers

Simple and comfortable outfit for a sunny day! <3

Had my hair colored yesterday! So happy that it wasn’t DIY this time.. (because I suck at coloring my own hair) .. and no doubt, pampering yourself does wonders!


It felt so great to have “new hair”! Haha, call me shallow or whatever but it was one of the refreshing feelings ever.  :heart:


Periwinkle Ruffles and Flowers

I went to Klara’s 4th Birthday Party for my first “Twinkle” work ever (more details later).. here’s my coordinate for today.

Bee Rilakkuma, Flowers, and Lemon Yellow~

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