Hanazuki: A World of Dreams,Treasures and Magical Mayhem

Blogging about Hanazuki‘s launch in Amsterdam once again.  :yay:

(If you are wondering why I was in Amsterdam, here are my previous posts!)


I wanted to publish this post last November but I thought I should wait patiently for the video (to give a glimpse of what we did)…

The video is somewhere below, just scroll down~ hihi  :tongue:

Sonia, Kaila, Claire, Christina and Kim

Official photos from the photographer. ^^

This was our first Hanazuki experience. We were given our customized printed fabrics.. and we had to make our own leggings out of those! :O


What Hanazuki is all about.

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Last Days in Netherlands + My First Canal Ride!

こんにちは皆ちゃーん!  :heart:

I just got out of the hospital yesterday night and I’m super genki now! Don’t worry, I didn’t get sick because of my Amsterdam trip.. I guess it was because September was my busiest month so far @_@ But I’m not regretting anything that happened. I learned quite a lot from every experience. ^^


This was what I wore for our boat cruise~  :heart:

Thrifted bonnet from a store in Amsterdam, Cou Cou dress from Hongkong, Forever21 lace tights~


Hop, hop!

Super lovely ;_;

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Day 3 in Netherlands: Thrift Shopping + Hanazuki Meets World!

On our third day, we were given gold coins for thrift treasure shopping!

Thank you so much Carol and Holly-san  :star:

What I wore  :star:

Uniqlo x Orla Kiely dress, Les Fantaisies tights, Enji bracelet, heart belt from a forgotten store..

It felt kinda weird because we were being followed by cameras @_@

I’m usually the one who follows so please don’t be surprised if ever I look awkward in the video! Haha~

It was raining for a bit…

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Day 2 in Netherlands + Hanazuki: Full of Treasures!

Phew~ Finally got to blog about my first official visit in Hanazuki‘s studio in Amsterdam! I remember being so excited this day because not I was about to meet Claire, Sonia, Christina and Kim! They’re so friendly even though I’m so shy >_<

To double the excitement, I was able to meet every person behind Hanazuki + people from Hasbro that morning!

I know, I should’ve saved the whole outfit for Paris (in my dreams) but can’t help to wear a European-style (with touch of cuteness) coordinate!

Love the tights? Don’t worry, this big legwear brand (for tights!) will launch soon too!!

View from my room.  :yay:

Woke up quite early so I took some photos around the area where my hotel was.. 😉

Brick walls and flowers… I love this city.

THISISAROBOT studios with HanaZUki, the moonflower  :333:

~excited to see all the treasures awaiting for us~

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