Harajuku Reporter for NHK World’s Kawaii International

Hello ~ hello! Gomen for the overdue posts, been crazy busy these days! So many great things happening for Japan Lover Me and Rainbowholic! :O This post has been in drafts for a week now… ;_; Not gonna complain though, I think it’s better to have less time in blogging and doing more productive work. *comforts self*

Moreover, this is what I envisioned myself when I was hibernating months ago with all my dream projects (which aren’t dreams anymore ;__;). Be so busy with life that doesn’t really involve the internet (and more on meeting like-minded people / experiencing life outside). Wow, I’m growing up! Haha~..  😥


Anywaaay, back to the objective of this post, hehehe 😛

Last April 28, I appeared on NHK World’s Kawaii International program!

And it was with two of my friends, Lintang and Kumamiki-chan~ !! *_* IT WAS PURELY COINCIDENTAL GUYS HUHUHUHU ;_:


To be chosen as a Kawaii Leader, it’s really.. ;_; overwhelming!  :blank:

The Harajuku report is my first task as a “Kawaii Leader”. Also, it was sort of my prize for winning the People’s Choice Award as well.


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