A Super Kawaii Time at Kiiroitori Diary x Tower Records Cafe in Tokyo 💛

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, my fellow stationery addict friend Knatt, her little sister and I had a kawaii treat at a limited Kiiroitori Diary x Tower Records Cafe. It’s located just a few steps away from Kiddyland Harajuku / Omotesando.

The cafe will run until September 10, 2017. If you are in Tokyo, I’d suggest lining up for this! 🙂

We didn’t see the line so when we went straight to the cafe, the staff assisted us where to queue. As expected, the waiting system was so organized.

As much as I love kawaii cafes, I’ve been training myself to not crave for too much sweets lately.

And is it so weird that I haven’t been to the famous Kawaii Monster Cafe ever? I just can’t imagine eating all the food coloring and everything, haha! That’s why I got so relieved when I saw their menu and found out that they offer taco rice, which is one of my faves, haha!

Every corner is instagram-friendly so if you love taking photos, this place is really nice 🙂

If you started to read my blog years before, you would know how obsessed I was with Rilakkuma!

For some reason, it brought some nostalgia back haha, lol. I’ve already passed the crown to my super Rilakkuma fan friend, Knatt ~ :)) I’m a Gudetama fan convert now, lol.

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Things To Do in Harajuku by OurKawaii.Tokyo

Hello everyone!

After months of hard work, I am just so proud to present & share our FIRST episode for the “Our Kawaii Tokyo” video series!

If we’re talking about “kawaii”, it is just appropriate to start with HARAJUKU (a.k.a. world’s cutest place)… right? 🙂

DSCF9068Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

Here’s a photo diary version of the video itself. Enjoy the spam! : )

DSCF9135Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9178Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku


DSCF9069Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

Shot last April 2016.

DSCF9149Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9070Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9071Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9185Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9091Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9073Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

DSCF9194Our Kawaii Tokyo Things To Do in Harajuku

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Hair Salon NALU and 76CAFE at Omotesando, Tokyo

Hello everybody!

おはようございます from Japan!

For today’s blog post, I’m going to share about my first experience at Hair Salon NALU and 76CAFE located at Omotesando, Tokyo!

To start off, here’s a photo of one of their popular desserts! It’s so cute!


.. and I indeed had a good stay!


Post-salon treatment #OOTD with this clever Sukajan / souvenir jacket that will be available soon at Japan Lover Me Store!

Guys, it’s HACHIKO! :)) Angry Hachiko + Shibuya Map, haha!


I went there last Thursday and it was raining in the morning. I was so hungry so I had a quick breakfast at Mcdonald’s first!

It was also my first time to see the Spring version of the Takeshita Dori banner!


First time to order this set!

After stuffing myself with much-needed energy, I went to NALU hair salon.

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Pancakes with Friends + #Rainicorn Dream Date in Harajuku + Reminiscing Bunka Days with Leen

Hello! こんにちは!

Here’s a super overdue post from December last year! : )

DSCF1405kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Prepare for a kawaii overload!

DSCF1588kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Shinjuku in its golden glory.

DSCF1385kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku


DSCF1335kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Kawaii Christmas snack packs from SWIMMER

DSCF1367kawaii blog rainbowholic harajuku shinjuku

Pompompurin Cafe curry, my absolute fave!

DSCF1676allie laura coffee pancakes tokyo

Starbucks weekend with friends : )


Received a super adorable New Year’s card from the creative duo Lando & Allie. They made this! *_*

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