Pancake Days in Harajuku for Breakfast + Shibuya de Hello Kitty Kawaii Adventure with Kuma Miki + Cat Calico Cafe in Shinjuku

Good morning from Japan! <3

For today’s blog post, it’s going to be another kawaii photospam of random happenings + collaborations I did last week!

Every week (or rather, day) is so eventful and I find it hard to catch up with blogging! Buttttt I will do my best to remember the details. 😀

(Can I just blog with photos and without supporting captions…. ? :))) )

IMG_6166_cb IMG_6169_cb

During my free time, I de-stress myself by jotting down / unloading all these ideas from my brain. This activity is very liberating, haha!


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on Zipper!


Saw this Hatsune Miku pillow from Family Mart!


Bought a long wig because I miss my long hair! Huhuhu

IMG_6176_cb IMG_6178_cb


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The Last of the Tokyo Adventure + Yummy Kawaii Photospam .. and MORE!

YOSH! やった! I did it! I was able to squeeze in editing photos + our funny adventure video during work!!  This entry is week-long overdue already..  :ohnoes:

In case you are lost, kindly read (more like “view” haha) the entries below:

First  :heart: Second

Sorry for eating up your internet connection *_* I just love sharing tons of photos in one entry. If it’s photospam, it’s definitely Rainbowholic blogging style hahaha.


These were my two adventure buddies for the Tokyo trip!

If you have time to spare, please do watch the video I made below.  :pink:

Sorry if my craziness  kind of shocked you.. that’s me being real. :))

My brother and I used to fight a lot when were kids. I guess it’s because of our being the “youngest” nature.. even though we are 6 years apart. *_*

Thank you mommy for the baby-face genes. Haha! My brother looks as if he’s of the same age with me. Or younger? : ))


Worth Sharing

Here are some random stuff that I received / bought / saw this week. Couldn’t think of a proper heading title to categorize this part :O


A few weeks ago, Anggyさん, the creator of Enji, sent me some items. I shared a photo on facebook featuring one of the earrings and people loved it!  :yay:

I finally got the photos from my disposable film camera from Tokyo Disneyland developed! Some came out pretty nice!


With Leen and Duffy!


Left: my super cute / getting-heavier-by-the-day niece Chisa! LOOK AT THE CHEEKS OH MY GOLLY

Right: Leftover Rilakkuma カステラ from my date with Lele ^^v

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KITTYROBOT Exhibition at Omotesando Hills with Emika

A few days ago, I received a mail/text from my big boss from TokyoFashion (hehehe) about the ongoing KITTYROBOT exhibition in Omotesando Hills (Harajuku). Of course, I just had to go and make time for it! Everyone was almost talking about it (been seing it on my facebook feed for days) and it will be a sin by a huge Sanrio fan like me if I didn’t get to see this amazing collaboration with different artists and designers for a cause. AND IT’S HELLO KITTYasfIFJFlsdajfkdfa

Also, I’ve been exchanging emails with this doll named Emika (half-Filipina and half-Japanese)! I rarely have Filipina friends here in Japan so I was so happy to exchange conversations in Tagalog with her hahaha~ And she’s cool to hang out with. I won’t be surprised if she gets streetsnapped a lot here in Harajuku since she has a model-like physique. 😉


She’s 17 and I’m 21!! omg


My heart  :heart:

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