Life Lately + Hobonichi Diary Updates + Fitness Goals 🦄

Hi all!

Here are some photo collages describing my life at present.

Kaila’s keywords: work, hobonichi, rainbowholic tv, exercise, fitness, struggling but fighting, & gudetama 

( Summer in Japan has been so intense! )

Goodbye, aging ajisai! ~ and hello to these beautiful summer flowers! 💜💕

I’ve been watching what I’ve eating and training myself to eat healthier options. I wanna save some money too so I’ve been cooking / preparing my food more often than usual. Ice cold lemon water is lyf, btw.

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The ABCs of Journaling + Kawaii Sticker Party + Hobonichi Techo 2017

Hi everybody!

Here’s a brief (but still photo-spammy lol) blog post of announcements & updates!

To start, I’d like to invite everyone who’s in Manila to the epic book launch of “The ABCs of Journaling” by my forever inspiring friend, Abbey Sy!

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset

I can still remember the time when she was just telling me about this over Skype!

Months later, here it is! She gave birth to another baby, haha! And boy.. the labor was hard, lolol (labor of love, that’s why haha). I’m a (proud) witness of this #theroadtoabc2016 journey!

More info about The ABCs of Journaling + book launch here.

September 10, 2016 | Saturday | National Book Store Glorietta 1 | 1:00-6:00PM

kawaii sticker stationery rainbowholic shop japan 3

Chichi of Little Miss Paintbrush and I will be sponsoring stickers. FREE stickers for all attendees!!!

kawaii sticker stationery rainbowholic shop japan 2

If you haven’t tried journaling ever and you’re lost & clueless about where / how to start, I am 100% sure that her book will enlighten you with lots of inspiration & tips!

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2017 Hobonichi Techo Lineup Preview Event at Tobichi 2 📝

Hi everyone!

Last Sunday, I went to Aoyama, Tokyo to visit Tobichi 2 for the Hobonichi Techo Lineup Preview event!

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 10

If you are looking for hobonichi journals & original stationery goods, Tobichi is the place to visit.

I bought my Hobonichi Techo Cousin when my friend Abbey & I visited LoFT Shibuya last Spring. Some LoFT or Tokyu Hands branches do not carry Hobonichi journals anymore (only for limited time) so you’re best option is Tobichi.


Thank You All Cover by Sebastian Matsuda


Before the actual photos taken at Tobichi 2 (where the exhibit was), let me show you around Tobichi first! ❤️


From JR Harajuku station, I took Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line for Omotesando.

It was so hot last Sunday so I skipped the long walk. From Omotesando, I just followed the directions based on Google Maps! 🙂

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 1

At first, I thought that the exhibit was taking place at Tobichi. Apparently, this is what they call Hobonichi Heaven, lolol.

More info about Tobichi here!

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 2

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 3

Hobonichi Techo Lineup 2017 Tobichi 4

Hobonichi covers this 2016!

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#Hobonichi With Me: June 29 – July 3 Diary Summary

Hi everyone!

In case you have missed my #Hobonichi With Me video updates, here’s a summarized entry for you! : )

Been working hard on this series! The entire process is quite time-consuming but this hobby has inspired me to look forward more to each day! Anddddd that is a good thing. 💖

DSC_1147 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

My favorite kind of mess. 💛

DSCF6903 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me (in the park!)- 06/29/16 (ほぼ日手帳)

DSCF6948 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/30/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – Rilakkuma!

DSCF7188 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – (ほぼ日手帳) – July Page! ❤︎

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