Philippine ToyCon 2013: Superheroes and Kawaii?

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :heart: Ohayou!

Here’s a major flashback Friday (or throwback Thursday in some countries)!  :star:

Thought I should post all the photos I’ve taken during our fun 3-day experience @ the Christmas ToyCon (when everyone was feeling rich & shopaholic because of Christmas bonuses, haha)~

Also, do watch out for the super throwback blog entry for Cosmania last October 2013, lol :))) Better late than never, right?  :tongue:

Enjoy, enjoy the colorful photos!  :heart:


TOYCON PH: The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention  :star:

Seeing our standees make my heart doki doki~

Sometimes I’d still find it hard to believe that we’re being part of conventions already. ;_;

*plays Look How Far We’ve Come by Imagine Dragons*


Kawaii bows by Whimsicute & Fancy Fluff!

I love producing these awesome art by ChiChi & Mishie into postcards!


Left: Filipino cosplayers are really talented. LOOK AT THAT @__@

Right: Peko-chan with my favorite Hodge Podge!

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Rainbowholic x Hodge Podge Bottle Cap Cuteness Giveaway (For 10 Lucky Readers?!)

Hello~! It’s GIVEAWAY time once again!! YAAAAAAY!  :hug:

I’m already working on my sudden Philippine trip (which ended… weeks ago??) blog entry so here’s a commercial break for everyone first. Haha~!

Because I’ve been receiving lots of blessings (kawaii-related ones! ;_;), I want to share it to every reader who has shown support for Rainbowholic dreams! The past months have been extremely busy & eventful for me in a super positive & kawaii way (lol there’s such) and I guess.. it’s payback time for me! 🙂

(Me wearing a pokeball bottle cap necklace from Hodge Podge + my favorite cupcake from Sonja’s in Manila!)


 About  :heart:

Hodge Podge is an online store which offers bottle cap merchandise in general, giving you the freedom to choose how you want your accessories to be – a keychain, a necklace, a magnet, a cellphone accessory, bookmark, pin / badge, mini ring, mini dangling earrings, etc.

Sample accessories that we can make may be found here.


We prepared 10 packs for 10 lucky readers!  :yay:

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