Midori With Me: Summer Trip in Hokkaido 2015 (Throwback Journaling)

Hi everybody!

I’m finally done with my Hokkaido 2015 trip diary pages! After doing this, I think that I will be creating more throwback journaling content in the future! Sooo fun! 🙂


Just uploaded my longest journaling #WIP / timelapse video ever on youtube!

~ Midori Traveler’s Notebook (ミドリトラベラーズノート) THROWBACK Journaling #01 ~



Planning to make a 2016 blog special summary using a Midori notebook! Do watch out for that 😉

Stickers from The ABC’s of Journaling + STICK ‘EM UP sticker book!

Both are also available at ABC’s shop / major bookstores in the Philippines.


Other Midori-related videos:

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Midori Traveler’s Notebook (ミドリトラベラーズノート) FREESTYLE Journaling #01

✏️ Hobonichi With Kaila & #Midori With Allie ? (ほぼ日手帳 + ミドリ)


Thank you Allie & Abbey for influencing me to get the entire midori traveler’s notebook.. or not? :))

My friends are bad influence… haha! Just kidding ~

Thank you girls for the constant inspiration! 🙂


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Hokkaido Day 4: Search For The Blue Pond + Farm Tomita + Biking Around Furano

Hello everyone!

Finally, I’m going to blog about my last full day in Hokkaido (a.k.a. the most adventurous day of the whole trip). Huhuhu, doing this makes me miss traveling.

Scan 35

Here’s a preview of my mini travel diary when I went to Hokkaido.

Scan 36

Scan 37

Inside Kaila’s brain haha

Scan 38

Scan 39

Yay, DAY 4!

Scan 40

Kaila’s Most Adventurous Day in Hokkaido

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Woke up early to catch the train that was bound for Asahikawa.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

I got off the train and witnessed this marvelous view of flowers that were about to dry up.

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Kaila in Hokkaido Day 3: Clock Tower, Odori Park & Sapporo Beer Garden


After my morning and early afternoon trip at Shiroi Koibito Park and Otaru City, I maximized the day by going back to Sapporo Station to visit Odori Park and the famous Clock Tower.


Outside Sapporo Station.


So many art installations around the city!


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Kaila in Hokkaido Day 3: Otaru City + The Search for Rainbow Tower Icecream

Hokkaido Day 3: Otaru City

After my Shiroi Koibito escapade in the morning, I traveled to Otaru City by train.

Hokkaido Day 3: Otaru City

I really loved the train ride to Otaru.

Imagine riding a train with this body of water as your view? It felt so surreal!

Hokkaido Day 3: Otaru City

Hokkaido Day 3: Otaru City

For some reason, Otaru felt like my hometown. It felt like a familiar place.

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