Fiery Red Paradise of Kochia at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki Prefecture

Hi everyone!

Last Tuesday, I took a day off from work and had a solo trip to Ibaraki for the second time. My first time was when I went to see the stunning Nemophila flowers last Spring! Thanks to my friend Ashley for giving me advice about the best time to visit this magical place.

If you’ve been following my blog since last year, you would know how much I love nature and flower parks. I’m really motivated to save up so I could travel more around my favorite country. My goal is to visit all prefectures here in Japan! :”) *wish me luck!!*

For now, let me take you on a journey from Ueno to Ibaraki!


Hobonichi With Me – Fiery Red KOCHIA (コチア) at Hitachi Seaside Park (国立ひたち海浜公園)


More photos as you scroll down below ~





Goal next summer 2017: see the green kochia!

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Nemophila Harmony, Suisen Fantasy and Tulip World

Hi everybody!

Today’s photospam is surely a visual feast for your eyes! I had so much fun editing and arranging this blog entry & I hope that you will enjoy scrolling down the entire page too, heehee ~

Oh and by the way, I also previously blogged about Hitachi Seaside Park here. 

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 79

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 49

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 32


Random couple sighting! #GOALS haha

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 48

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 53

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 13

(Kaila the couple stalker lol)

Ahh, beautiful narcissuses!

Nemophila Hitachi Seaside Park Rainbowholic Japan Kawaii 94

Yet another #goals photo haha.

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Nemophila’s Baby Blue Eyes at Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki

Hello everybody!

Before I go to sleep, let me just share these photos from today’s ~ohana~ (flower) adventure at Ibaraki Prefecture!

When I saw this photo (poster inside the train station).. it was already LOVE at first sight. Baby blue / cotton candy blue is my all-time favorite color too. When I reached Hitachi Seaside Park, my heart went dancing! Another dream come true for a flower lover like me! : )


If you also want to have a day trip here (though I’m not sure until when the full bloom would last), you should allot an entire day in Ibaraki.

What I did was, I went to UENO station first and I rode the Limited Express train (Hitachi 20) to JR Katsuta station. Since I wasn’t able to reserve a seat, I had to stand the entire train ride for about an hour or so. When I got there, I was planning to ride the Hitachi Seaside Railway (for Ajigaura) but I was notified by the train staff that there wasn’t a “direct bus” available for Ajigaura. Luckily, I found the direct bus near the Katsuta station, as suggested by Mr. Train Staff. There was a mini booth that was selling a package which includes roundtrip bus tickets+ park entrance fee for 1200 JPY only. When I arrived at Hitachi Seaside Park, the queue for the tickets was unbelievably long! Indeed, it was a good decision to purchase the “package” earlier even though I didn’t really look for it, haha! For the access guide, you may also refer to this link.



I took almost a hundred photos during my stay here at the Baby Blue kingdom. <3


My favorite buddies when I travel outside Tokyo / Saitama:

My favorite 3 yr. old backpack, comfy ninja sneaks (onitsuka), Gudetama selfie stick and my precious Fujifilm XA2 ~


Hi there, buddy!

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