🌸 Kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe Ikebukuro Collaboration 🌸

Hi everyone!

Here’s an overdue photo diary of my Cardcaptor Sakura x Animate Cafe Ikebukuro visit weeks ago! Thank you Justin for the photos! : ) You can read / view the previous CCS pop-up store blog entry here.


Spinel Sun & Keroberos ~






Animate Cafe Official Website


CCS coasters for collection ~


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Milky Way Cafe Kawaii Date with Béné + Everyday Life

Hello everyone!

I was about to publish this blog entry yesterday night but I.. fell asleep. Haha!

Anyway, here are some photos from recent events / from last weekend!

Photo 7-11-16, 9 19 26 AM kawaii japan rainbowholic

Just received the bag of my dreams last week for an upcoming trip.

If you are curious about where I’m going to head to, you can watch my snaps (rainbowholic.me)~!

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 20

And no, I don’t like the baby blue color..

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 1

Before heading out, I always make sure I have my sunglasses and umbrella with me.

Photo 7-10-16, 5 11 15 PM kawaii japan rainbowholic

Cutest seasonal Milky packaging! OMG

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 2

Have you watched the recent mini room tour video I made? If you’re curious, here it is!

Photo diary version is here.



Of course, I didn’t dress up for nothing! :))

I headed to Ikebukuro to meet my new friend Bene from Fukuoka!

milky way cafe ikebukuro kaila bene 14

And we had our lunch here!

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Spring Lolita Date with Leen in Namja Town and Harajuku!

Last weekend, my fashion buddy (Doitsu Panda!) and I finally realized our SPRING LOLITA DATE!!!


At the end of the day, we realized that we can never be real lolita girls. Haha!


Pyon pyon!



We met up at our favorite station, SHINJUKU! : )))

It’s been so long since we saw each other’s faces! Leen went on a homestay with a Japanese family in a province and I was busy with work.


Brick watch courtesy of Mario Kart toy capsules~


We went to Sunshine City’s NAMJA TOWN! I honestly don’t know who the characters are but I saw from a website that this is a must-visit..

Neko in a strawberry cake welcomed us.

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