Surprise Kawaii Blog Award + Valentine’s Day with Leen and Totoro Cream Puffs at Inokashira Park

Hello everyone! Konbanwa from Japan! : )

Before I start this Totoro-heavy photospam blog entry, I would like to thank all my readers who have supported me right from the start.

I just learned that Rainbowholic won 2nd place in the “Kawaii Blog” portion of the Blog Awards (2014)! :O

Thank you to those who nominated / voted (didn’t even realize that there was a contest?), it means a lot when my hard work is being appreciated… ;_;



Maraming, maraming salamat po! : )


Shirohige Cream Puff Shop at Shimo-kitazawa, Tokyo


Last Valentine’s Day, I had a date with my bestfriend, Leen!

If you’ve been a reader of my blog from 3/4 years ago, you would recognize Leen!

She was my classmate back in Bunka Institute of Language days and we went out a LOT together! She is currently a university student at Bunka!

Did you know that during my Nihongo struggling student days… I actually repeated an entire term / semester because I didn’t pass the qualifying exam?!

And when they assigned me to a new class / batch of classmates (newcomers?).. I met Leen there. And we instantly clicked.

And went to Harajuku 3 or 4 days later. Lolololol

And I would like to thank my slow-learner brain for allowing such a BIG blessing to happen. I cannot imagine surviving Japan Life without a bestfriend!


I’ve been wanting to visit this Cream Puff shop for so long (thanks to my friends Ashley and Laura for making me envious haha).. and I thought it would be best to visit it with my bestfriend.

Who says you can’t date your best girl friend during Valentine’s? :”)

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