How To Take Nice Instagram Photos by Kaila

 Hello friends! For today’s post, I will teach you how to take nice instragrammable photos. I actually got this idea from Grace (one of my readers) because she asked me about how I edit / take my photos for this blog.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 6.16.58 PM

I actually wrote a tutorial way, way back (2011) about photography as well. Here’s the link: Compact Camera Cheat: Photography without a DSLR : )

I’ll write another comprehensive blog entry about all the FAQs about my photography equipment (from digital camera to DSLR).

Random trivia: Did you know that I used to dream about becoming a professional photographer? I was so into learning photography during my teenage years. But I began to love storytelling through my blog instead (using lots of bandwidth-hungry photos haha). And for many years, I make sure that my images / visuals are effective and creative at the same time. I hope they are! Hehe : )


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is not about getting instagram followers.

I’ll just simply teach you some basics of art direction / prop styling & taking “nice” photos using your iPhone / mobile phone.

I’ll also tackle the following: How to add filters / edit your photos & how to compose your subject(s) well. : )


 BTS mode : )


First, you must enable the “GRID” function of your phone’s photography settings.

To those who are curious, I’ve been using iPhone 5 for almost 2 years and just recently, I got an iPhone 6 Plus (mainly for work). This is actually optional, but the grid is so helpful for me! : )


I always make sure that I take photos using natural light.. because it is the BEST light source. I used to take no-brainer instagram photos with random shadows & highlights everywhere… but now, I’ve committed myself to only upload instagram photos that I can be proud of, haha. Is this maturity or my OCD? Just kidding : )) I cannot have OCD because I’m a messy yet organized contradiction rolled into one person, haha.

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Revamped Blog + ROYGBIV Instagram Project

After a whole day of tweaking codes, I have finally pushed through with the Rainbowholic Blog revamp /cleanup (w/c I have been juggling with work since months ago)!



I am sure that there are still a couple of bugs here and there.. kindly do bear with it at the moment please. :”)


I’m so happppy! I feel so productive and accomplished! :)) #KailaHappyMoments :)))



Anyway  …. !!


I just want to share this secret project (don’t know if my felow IG folks noticed it) I had for the past 2 weeks on instagram.

I don’t know what to call this IG challenge.. but let’s just call it “ROYGBIV” project? So rainbowholic of me, haha!

I’m not sure if there are similar instagram ideas though, maybe those also exist?

My goal with this project was to post color-themed IG posts and then create a “rainbow gradient” effect when you look at my IG feed.

You could say that it was a creative / brain / idea challenger for weeks, haha!

(Disclaimer: Not all posted below were also posted on my instagram account. I added some more to this entry~)



While we were strolling around the neighborhood, Urawa Reds supporters were having a mini celebration. 

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Daily Life + I Love Food + Malling with Baby Chisa

Hello Rainbowholic readers~  :heart:

Gomen ne, I’ve been a bad blogger lately. ;_; For some reason, I don’t feel the same excitement when blogging unlike before.. hopefully this will just be a phase.  😥 *sigh*

To make-up for my slow blogging pace, here’s a kawaii spam you’ll all love.  :heart:

Rilakukuma, Kiiroitori and Chopper. Which is your fave?

Uwaaaaa~ :O :O :O

Chupa Chups drink in Ministop.. along with drinks I cannot have huhuhu.

Gallbladder y u like that 🙁 Milk triggers gallbladder attacks so I have to restrain myself so hard 🙁

Snacks at Ministop. I really love the Ministop branch near our place~ not so many people go there! It feels like a cafe for me, hehe.


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