Rainbowholic Interview by SuperCuteKawaii.com

Hello all!

I think I’ve forgotten to blog or post about this but my interview by Super Cute Kawaii is already out! ;_;

I remember restarting my “kawaii lifestyle blog” years ago and stumbling upon SCK (I was googling for “kawaii blogs”) and I never thought that this day would happen. Wow! :O

super cute kawaii - kaila rainbowholic

I really put my heart into answering all the questions and I hope that you guys could spare some time to read my passion over cute culture. ^_^

The interview link is here!

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10 Random Things That Happened Recently / Currently On My Mind

  1. I’ve become sooo busy handling orders and taking photos for Japan Lover Me Store! I’m so happy that our year-long effort in building our e-commerce website is finally kicking off!
  2. Watching videos about entrepreneurship and success stories has been my favorite “break time” since last week. I don’t know why I’ve gotten so inspired. I’m already 25 and I really hope I will have enough time to build my own “empire” (lol, what a big dreamer) before I turn 30! Call me ambitious.. but this is really just me, haha.
  3. I miss going to our nearby onsen, huhu. TIME WHERE U ;_;
  4. I can’t wait for all the trips I will be having this Spring / Summer! So much excitement!
  5. On the other hand, I think I need to minimize my weekend outings. I have to miss out in order to save up. I’m not sure if this is ~*maturity*~ but I am aiming to incur expenses only if these are investments.
  6. Omg, why do I sound like I’m so workaholic?? Or.. am I? I’m in denial??
  7. KAWAII MARKET 2016. Coming soon.
  8. OurKawaii.Tokyo Book Deadlinesssss omg
  9. I really want to start watching Cheese in the Trap Korean drama soon. Again, TIME WHERE U??
  10. I’m excited to run again tomorrow morning! (Is this me?!)

My brain is so scattered lol.

Have a great week, friends!

<3, カイラ

Kawaii Culture in The Philippines

Hello everyone ~ good afternoon!

Just want to share my answers from an interview I answered last year for a school project / research by M & C (don’t want to disclose their names for privacy) from the Netherlands. I’m not going to copy-paste everything but if you want to have a good read about Kawaii / the way we promote “kawaii” in the Philippines, please go read the blocks of text below. Hehe! ありがとう!

Illustrated by Little Miss Paintbrush

Dear Kaila Ocampo,

We are M* and C* from the I* College in the Netherlands. A few months ago we sent you a request to be interviewed by us about the Kawaii culture around the world.

Before the questions, we would shortly like to explain what our project is about.

We wanted to take a special culture and find out if it would be accepted by our culture easily and the reasons for it. Besides that, we wanted to discover the Kawaii culture and actually spread it through our project.

Most people in the Netherlands find it hard to accept something they aren’t used to. We are also curious about your organization in the Philippines and the way people in your country react to your events.

If you would like to see the final result of our project we would be honored to e-mail it to you.

So here are the questions, you shouldn’t feel obliged to answer them all.

What would be your ideal description of Kawaii?

My ideal description for kawaii would be: kawaii = inside & out


What is Kawaii to you?

For me, kawaii means empowerment. It is more than just a cute face, a fashion style or trend or a smiling character face. Before, it used to be just a “happy lifestyle” that I wanted to share with others but after the recent events, I believe that “kawaii” is a very empowering tool for everyone. It’s a highly recommended lifestyle for everybody who wants to creatively express herself or himself as who she/he really is.


Do you see a difference between Kawaii culture in Japan and the Kawaii culture in the Philippines? Could you name a difference and why do you think it’s like this?

Yes, I do see a difference between Kawaii culture in Japan and Kawaii culture in the Philippines. After living in Japan for 3 years and being immersed with their “fearless” way of kawaii culture, I could say that cuteness is indeed a way of life in Japan and from a business perspective, it’s a booming industry catered to kawaii consumers / everyone in general.

Here in the Philippines (maybe in Japan as well or from a Japanese kawaii girl’s opinion), “kawaii” is about surrounding yourself with cuteness (whatever that is readily available) and embracing your unique self and quirks. I feel that the Japanese has been desensitized by the kawaii culture already since it is widely accepted within the society from way before (hence the Harajuku-style of fashion, and the like being considered as “not a big deal”). In other countries especially in the Philippines, if you decide to become “kawaii” or be more expressive when it comes to fashion, do not be surprised if you become a “head turner” because at present, kawaii has not been accepted fully has a “social norm” here (but we are making a progress with regards to this). This is why we are passionate about making “Kawaii Philippines” a huge success here. Even if our own style of “kawaii” fashion here is more toned down than Japan, we still want or create a noise that will make our fellow Filipinos think that being “kawaii” is not being “weird”.. but being creative, fearless and confident (like the Japanese!).

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The Dolly Dreams of Kaye Romero

Hello everyone! こんばんは!

For today’s post, I just want to share my inspiring interview with Kaye, a kawaii designer & super crafty girl hailing from the Philippines. She is also ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush‘s not-so-little little sister, hehe! : )

I work with Kaye almost every day. She is the girl behind all the updates of our projects’ social media accounts. She inspires me so much that I’ve decided to feature her on my blog. I think I’ll be featuring more of my friends here, hehe! She is my co-sensei at our Kawaii D.I.Y. blog.

Dolly Kaye

When I first worked with Kaye, it was during Kawaii in Manila 1 workshop. For our workshop participants, she almost sewed 30+ kawaii girl plushies & so much more. This girl is overflowing with talent, and I knew that with just a little push & more encouragement, she will be able to go farther. And I’m so happy to witness how she has grown so much! I was so amazed that I decided to give her my first electric sewing machine (since her machine broke) that I wasn’t using anymore. I knew that she would put it in good use… and of course, she did! All of her works have been magical! : )

When we planned Kawaii in Manila 2, I appointed her as the “Fashion Show Director” even if she didn’t have any experience .. and boy, she did a great job coordinating with everyone! I love working with zealous people who have the same drive! Indeed, believing goes a long, long way.

I cannot wait for me and my Kawaii PH team friends to travel around Japan someday and wear pretty clothes by Kaye. ^^


Anyway, here it is! I hope that this kawaii feature will also inspire you!

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