How To Take Nice Instagram Photos by Kaila

 Hello friends! For today’s post, I will teach you how to take nice instragrammable photos. I actually got this idea from Grace (one of my readers) because she asked me about how I edit / take my photos for this blog.

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I actually wrote a tutorial way, way back (2011) about photography as well. Here’s the link: Compact Camera Cheat: Photography without a DSLR : )

I’ll write another comprehensive blog entry about all the FAQs about my photography equipment (from digital camera to DSLR).

Random trivia: Did you know that I used to dream about becoming a professional photographer? I was so into learning photography during my teenage years. But I began to love storytelling through my blog instead (using lots of bandwidth-hungry photos haha). And for many years, I make sure that my images / visuals are effective and creative at the same time. I hope they are! Hehe : )


DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is not about getting instagram followers.

I’ll just simply teach you some basics of art direction / prop styling & taking “nice” photos using your iPhone / mobile phone.

I’ll also tackle the following: How to add filters / edit your photos & how to compose your subject(s) well. : )


 BTS mode : )


First, you must enable the “GRID” function of your phone’s photography settings.

To those who are curious, I’ve been using iPhone 5 for almost 2 years and just recently, I got an iPhone 6 Plus (mainly for work). This is actually optional, but the grid is so helpful for me! : )


I always make sure that I take photos using natural light.. because it is the BEST light source. I used to take no-brainer instagram photos with random shadows & highlights everywhere… but now, I’ve committed myself to only upload instagram photos that I can be proud of, haha. Is this maturity or my OCD? Just kidding : )) I cannot have OCD because I’m a messy yet organized contradiction rolled into one person, haha.

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