Planning Your Kyoto Experience [Summer Edition]

Hello everyone! Konnichiwa from Japan!

Before I start this special and chunky blog entry about my favorite place in Japan (this has taken me 3 days or so to consolidate everything~ woot~) ..

I just want to share this beautiful illustration art by Little Miss Paintbrush for Japan Lover Me!  :woww:

Experience Japan

Look at that cute Totoro riding the Shinkansen with a flying Doraemon : )))


ANYWAYYY..  Moving on…

I know that this post is way OVERDUE already (considering the fact that I went to Kyoto.. last Summer 2014~ wow haha!) but I figured that this might be helpful to those who would love to travel to Kyoto during Spring / Summer (not the extremely cold season like now huhu).  🙂

You have 3-6 months to plan for your ultimate Kyoto backpacking trip! WOOO! I hope that this guide will be helpful. ^_^

I actually didn’t have any itinerary at all, I just went with the flow the whole time! I’m usually the organized type of person (who, at the minimum, would have “places-to-go” list / or a travel guide book with her)…  but that time, I was planning a Kawaii in Manila 2 convention with my friends and my organization skills were focused solely on those..

And I was like…


True story bro :))

Anyway, I’ll try to my best to make this list of things-to-do as simple as possible. I’ll continue my “Kyoto Photo Stroll” series next time! 🙂

It feels so weird to blog about Kyoto in summer when it’s winter season here!

#RainbowholicTravels in Kyoto

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 Before starting your Kyoto adventure..

Before I embarked on my journey to the heart of Japan (sorry Tokyo, but it’s not you haha)..

I still considered to do some basic preparations.

First, I checked the weather of the region. I think that this is a must for every trip! : )


Even though it was summer, there were rainy days as well. I didn’t want to go backpacking with wet shoes so I brought with me my favorite pair of sturdy yet おしゃれ (fashionable) sandals + extra comfy sneakers  for longer walks. : )


My travel period was from July 3 to July 10. Honestly, I only thought that I would be there for 5 days maximum, but I decided to extend my stay for 2 more days because 5 days were just not enough!

I only brought a big backpack with my extra clothes and girly necessities, a small canvas bag and my mini shoulder / camera bag. I think that if you want to go on backpacking adventure around Japan… SUMMER would be the best time since you can just bring extra shirts and shorts for convenience. If you want to relax and just shop, travel around Japan during colder seasons. If you’re in for a unique and super adventurous Japanese travel experience, summer then! : )

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D.I.Y. Kawaii Harajuku Experience Itinerary by Rainbowholic

Hello Rainbowholic friends! Ohayou from Japan!  :heart: 元気?

I just want to tell you guys about this ambitious project I have been working on!

kawaii copy

For the past 3 years here in Japan, I have been touring close friends from Manila (and sometimes, online world) and bringing them to “kawaii” places here in Tokyo.

As you all know, I really enjoy strolling around and doing tourist-y things even though I already live here in Japan. Also, I get sooooo many questions about “Where to go in Harajuku, Kaila?” .. “Where to take purikura?” “Where is 6% DokiDoki?”…#truth hahaha

It seems like the list of  things to do in Harajuku is still not enough to cover everything. Honestly, when I go to Harajuku with a friend who is a tourist, sometimes I don’t know where to start because THEREEE are so many places and activities to do!

Remember the Harajuku Reporter I did before for NHK World Kawaii International program? I interviewed a LOT of foreigners about what they think of Harajuku / what’s their itinerary. Didn’t realize that the research I would get from that (lololol) would be applied to the ~kawaii tours~.

There was a time during Sakura season that I had to bring 3 (or 4??) friends in separate days to Harajuku alone! I was almost in Harajuku for a week lolololol :))


So there, I will first cover Harajuku (there might be 5 parts) and maybe later on, I can do one for Shinjuku (where I used to study Nihongo), Shibuya, Akihabara.. and other オススメ / recommended places in Tokyo.

For some reason, it is also my dream to publish a book about my kawaii recommendations / activities here in Tokyo. Figured I shouldn’t wait for a publisher / collaborator to actualize this grand idea of mine. Should just make my own online book through a blogging platform, lol.

So there, I hope you will wait for it!

If you have questions or suggestions, please do leave your comments here. ありがちゅー!