Japan Candy Box Review + Share The Sweetness Giveaway

Hello everybody!

For today’s post, I am going to share my kawaii experience with Japan Candy Box (a Japanese candy subscription box service). They are the same kawaii folks from Kawaii Box / Blippo Kawaii! I have collaborated with them before for a few times and you can read my past reviews (sponsored) using this tag or this tag. ⁽(◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑)⁽


I received the box in good condition! 🙂


Kawaii shop cards ~


When I opened the box, the candies + snacks were all packed nicely and secured. ヾ(o✪‿✪o)シ

Here are the contents of the June Box: 

Kabaya Fish / Frog Gummies, Poppin’ Cookin’ Neri Candy Land DIY Kit, Pokemon Pikachu Pretzels, Meiji Petit Bubblegum, Puccho Mixed Fruit Chewy Candy, Marukawa Fusen Bubble Gum, Yaokin Sour Paper Candy, Dorayaki Japanese Hotcake, Meiji Kotsubu Chocolates & Lotte Koala March Biscuits

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Witnessing A Full Rainbow + Totoro Soap from Twootie + Japan Candy Box Preview!

Hello folks!

Here’s just a super quick update about my life recently. SO much craziness!

It’s been quite a roller coaster, and I’m just pushing myself to look at the brighter things.

Will share after I resolve these peacefully on my own. For now, yay photos and mini plug + updates! : )


I have never witnessed a “full” rainbow in my life so imagine my SHOCK when I came home and saw this. Look, it even seems like a double rainbow in the photo! *_*

Very thankful for this day because I was able to bond with our intern / little sis Sig at JapanLover.me in Daikanyama. 🙂


Kawaii blythe dolls from the display at Junie Moon, Daikanyama. : )


Came home and received a package from Twootie (thanks Carly for referring me? Haha!) ~

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