Japan Fashion Design Contest + Nakano + Tokyo Fashion

My Fashion Designer friend from Philippines who makes beautiful tiaras and crowns for glowing brides has just arrived in Tokyo! It’s amazing how Ate Tracy‘s sister and I were just participants in a Japanese Street Fashion Contest (my first time  :tss: ) way back and we’re seeing each other again! She’s so friendly, hyper, and very interesting! Actually, I had a so-so experience in Japanese Street Fashion Contest before (hosted by Japan Embassy of Manila). I tried making friends with other participants as well, but some groups are just so “exclusive”.. and that’s the not-so-fun part of that contest. Probably the reason why I got turned off of Philippine conventions that are Japan-related. Anyway, I was so glad to have met wonderful and friendly people like Ate Tracy and her sisters! Even though she’s achieve a lot, she isn’t a snob.  :star:


Crazy train ride yesterday! I live in Saitama so I had to change four trains to arrive in Meguro, Tokyo! It’s so benri (convenient) to have Google Maps with you~! I got a bit late so I was really worried because Ate Tracy and her friends were waiting for me as well. I left quite early but the two trains were late! Sigh.

After we arrived at the event place (amazing setup, and the hotel looks so fab!), the fashion show started right away. The fashion show showcased all the brilliant works of up-and-coming fashion designers from Japan, Manila, Russia, China (forgot other countries). I think two represented Manila and a Filipino (Jun Rodino Artajo) won second place! Philippine pride!


Sorry for the horrible photos, the lights weren’t working well with the camera!

Ate Tracy is pushing me to join this. I think I would give it a try. I have a lot to learn yet but in one year, I believe I can do a lot! Jibun de! (on my own)

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