Things to do in Japan (by JapanLover.Me) + Sailormoon Things + How To Study in Japan (Teaser) + And MOREEE!

Hello everybody!

Just a quick blog entry about all the kawaii / JLM-related work I’ve been doing these past few weeks. Also, I have been working on‘s launch too! I’m sorry for the delay huhu totally unexpected! September is a real hectic month for me as we have a crazy goal for Store so I’ve been maximizing my days like crazy (check my twitter and it’s always a plug for any of the shops that I handle.. haha)! I can’t wait for the day/s I could watch a series / movie again without thinking much about the pile of work I need to do. Looking forward to those days, haha!

First off, I’d like to reintroduce our “Things to do in Japan” series part 2 at Japan Lover Me!

Things To In Japan - Japan Lover Me

What to eat, buy, visit, and do in Japan? We’re all about those in the following months!

You may contribute to our lists by emailing us at [] with the subject “What to do in Japan contribution”. 

murakami vans illus - banner

VANS x Takashi Murakami Slip-ons are now available at our store! Limited designs / sizes only.


Really want this Thunderbird collectible. But it’s a shop item, huhu! To the future owner, please take care of it~ haha!

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Seishun Kakumei’s Sachi and Rin in Ueno + Rainbowholic Shop Updates + Feature & Gift Art

Hello everyone!

Just sharing these overdue kawaii photos from weeks ago + random updates about my life / work. <3


I met up with Seishun Kakumei‘s Rin and Sachi during their visit in Japan.  We agreed to have a kawaii date in Ueno ~

sachi-rin.jpg sachi-rin-ueno.jpg

But first, purikura! <3


I showed them around in Ueno and we had these yummy fruit snacks ~


They tried Ginza Cozy Corner’s strawberry shortcake too. : )


We went to Parco’s Village Vanguard & Yamashiroya to see Sailormoon and Cardcaptor Sakura merch!

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Japanese Sukajan / Skajan Jackets from Japan Lover Me Store

Hello friends!

Just sharing this work-related update with you all! I just finished uploading 30+ Japanese sukajan items to and I’m so proud of myself for being able to finish that task. I am not a huge fan of “routine work” but working on JLM store has taught me patience through ~routine~. I am the type of person who would rather engage in creative brainstorming rather than listing items.. but now, I think I’m beginning to enjoy it wholeheartedly. This JLM store is one of my precious babies at the moment. Hopefully, this business venture will be successful too! 頑張ってます!

Skajan Header BC copy

Working on the Skajan gallery too. Thank you ChiChi for this wonderful Ukiyo-e art-inspired illustration!

Skajan 9

Enjoy shopping, everyone!

Many thanks to Justin and my brother for helping me out big time in this one. Product photography by a professional photographer makes a big difference! ;_;

Gotta sleep now ~ Excited to meet a dear friend tomorrow!! :”)


Satchiko in Kawagoe x JapanLover.Me Store

Hello, hello!

Just sharing this photoset featuring Satchiko modeling our favorite vintage Skajan jackets from Japan Lover Me Store. This set was photographed by my brother Eric, and assisted by yours truly. My cousin Gil also makes an appearance in this special photo series. The location was in Kawagoe, Saitama (known as Little Edo in our area).

Satchiko told me that it’s one of her dreams to become a model. I actually photographed her for Mimi Claire Sweets (she modeled the kawaii decoden cases Claire nee-chan designed) but we didn’t really publish it because we didn’t notice that there were a lot of wrinkles on the costume she wore (kawaii pastel schoolgirl was our peg haha). I knew that it wouldn’t be our last time to work together, so I told my brother Eric to ask Satchiko if she could model our newly released Skajan jackets (we have 50+ waiting to be uploaded, by the way~).

This girl’s energy is so infectious (in a good way, of course) and I love how she sees things in such a bright perspective. Knowing that “modeling” is one of her dreams and seeing her enjoying and being confident in her own skin during the shoot.. I just couldn’t be any prouder (*older sis vibes lolol*). This won’t be our last, and I am very much looking forward to more fun play x work JLM Store shoots with this optimistic gal. 🙂

And without further ado, I would like to present you Satchiko x JLM Store! Enjoy the photos, everybody! ^_^


Japan Lover Me Store (website | facebook | instagram)




DSC_6708_rainbowholic DSC_6741_rainbowholic


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