Kamakura’s Ajisai Gardens + Rainbowholic Shop Updates + Life Recently

Hi all!

Here’s my creative photo spam report of our Kamakura adventure last month. Many thanks to Yumiさん for helping me out with the videos and for all the inspiring conversations with you. :”)

Hope you guys enjoy the photo collages as much as I enjoyed making them. ^^

From Tokyo Station, it’s almost an hour away by JR Line (920 JPY for one way). For the directions using Google Maps, please click here.

Ride the JR Yokosuka Line bound for ZUSHI and get off at Kamakura station. You can explore the area by riding the buses or enjoy “Enoden”, their cute little train. Since this is a very touristy spot, there are many passengers riding this train.

I would recommend traveling to Kamakura during a weekday instead of a weekend. We went on a Friday and it was already super packed, what more if it was a weekend, omg lol ~

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Kamakura for Ajisai / Hydrangeas (Hasedera Temple & Meigetsu-in) ?

Before embarking on any adventure here, as a Japan travel fan, I would recommend that you visit the station’s tourist information booth as they have LOADS of free travel information especially in a place like Kamakura. We originally wanted to visit Meigetsu-in (Ajisai Temple) because of its famous ajisai pathway photo (for the love of #instagram lol). However, we thought it was located at Hasedera Temple since it’s also known for its blue & purple seas of Ajisai. Our target / main goal that day was to take a similar photo of that pathway but we had an interesting change of plans, as I have mentioned haha.

If you are planning to cover these two temples in one day during the next Ajisai season, I would suggest that you arrive earlier (maybe 10AM) and go straight to Meigetsu-in (Kita Kamakura) first to avoid the flock of local and foreign tourists. After that, have some quick lunch and ride the Enoden back at Kamakura station for Hasedera Temple. Upon entering the temple, go to the entrance and get a number and wait for your turn to queue. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself when exploring around Japan during summer! It was too hot that day, lolol.

Hasedera Temple Official Website | ACCESS GUIDE

All of these photos were just taken using my Iphone 6 plus.

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An Unforgettable Miyagi Zao Fox Village Adventure with Aileen! ??

Hi everyone!

Last week, my friend Aileen and I went to Zao Fox Village in Miyagi Prefecture. It was around 2-3 hrs. worth of commute from Ueno and it was super worth it!

I was actually feeling quite hesitant to go with our original plan because there was an earthquake in Fukushima again 2 days before the trip (where we had to stop by and change trains)….  but we still went for it! I’m just so glad that I was able to spend such a lovely day with the foxes with Aileen. I super love her and her blog and she is really one of my biggest inspirations when it comes to taking risks and pursuing a life filled with colorful travels. She is one of the BEST travel bloggers out there & I’m pretty sure you’d agree with me if you’re also a follower of her blog. Her blog is just sooo packed with useful & summarized travel information (+ other info like how to start a blog, how to earn online, etc.). So please, do give her lots of (blog) love because she deserves it! 🙂

Now, let’s get on with the cute fox photos! Haha ~


I could not stop taking photos!!


Look how excited and happy I was hahaha



Miyagi Zao Fox Village (宮城蔵王キツネ村) + Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) 


Zao Fox Village Website | Access Guide in English | Google Maps


It was such a special day because it actually snowed.. and it was NOVEMBER. Autumn x Winter combination was so BEAUTIFUL!

(though you gotta admit, it’s really climate change.. >_<)


A photo of sleeping fox is enough to get through the day, haha!

Anyway …


Let’s start with the fun day narration, shall we? 😉


So Aileen and I met up at Ueno station at around 6AM. Since she had Japan Rail Pass (which I highly recommend every JP tourist  to get one especially if she / he likes to go on day trips outside Tokyo often), she didn’t have to pay for the shinkansen (bullet train). For one ride, I paid around 9,000+ in total. My total transpo spending for the entire trip was around 22,000 JPY.

When we got there, we just took the taxi / cab and split the fare between two. It was around 3,870 JPY (one ride) I think.


For navigation, I recommend using Hyperdia.com or Google Maps.



We just slept and took a rest during the entire trip ~

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Lavenders, Sunflowers, and Hydrangeas at Tambara Lavender Park

Hello everyone!

Finally had some time to sit down and sort out all the photos from my phone and camera. Yay! ?

During Ashley’s second day in Saitama, we decided to explore Gunma prefecture for the first time! It’s nearer from where I’m located than being in Tokyo so we were able to maximize the entire day!

IMG_0839Tambara Lavender Park 2

When Ashley and I were talking about our synced vacation together, she suggested Tambara Lavender Park.

Seriously, this girl really knows how to research amazing places! :”)

IMG_7378 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The place really reminded me of Farm Tomita in Hokkaido.

Last year (at around this time) was when I visited Hokkaido all by myself, omg! Time really FLIES!!

IMG_7444 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

Beautiful lavenders!

IMG_7412 Tambara Lavender Park Kawaii

The best part of this trip? I got to spend it with Ashley!

IMG_0861Tambara Lavender Park 2

While she wanted to see lavenders.. I wanted to see sunflowers. And it was such a delightful surprise when we saw a mini park / area just for sunflowers inside Tambara Lavender Park!

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Kansai Spring Trip 2016: Osaka Day 1

Hi everybody!

Last Spring, my dear friend Abbey and I went to have a 3-day trip in Kansai Region (Osaka – Kyoto). It was super fun and unforgettable. Still couldn’t forget the time we got ourselves lost because of my very dependable “navigational skills”, haha! We booked a night bus from Saitama and we arrived at a VIP Lounge (that’s how they call it) somewhere near Osaka station. If you’re planning to go to Osaka / Kyoto, booking a night bus (try willerexpress) is an affordable option compared to riding a shinkansen / bullet train.

DSCF0589 osaka spring 2016

Hi Glicoman, we meet again!

DSCF0980 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Beautiful women in Kimono. (Gion, Kyoto)

DSCF1035 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Last day of the Sakura blossoms in full bloom. It rained so hard the next day!

DSCF1093 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

DSCF1094 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

See you again, Kyoto!

DSCF0811 universal studios japan osaka

Easter cuteness in Universal Studios Japan~! More photospam photos coming your way in the next entries! 😉

For now, let’s start with Day 1!

DSCF0574 osaka spring 2016

Arrived at our VIP Lounge after the long bus ride. It was raining that morning~

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