Life After JLPT

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick photospam post of what happened last weekend.

I’m just so happy that JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) is OVER! Been reviewing / cramming for the last 2 weeks. I am not sure if I will pass (I took the N4, and I’m planning to take N3 again this June / July if I do pass haha) but whatever the results may be.. I think I’m good, haha! I actually enjoyed my self-study Japanese sessions these past weeeks! *_*

Learning is fun!


Spotted this beautiful yellow corner in Saitama University.



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Oshaberi Salon, Kimono and Tea Ceremony


 Konnichiwa everybody! Before I share some photos  from the fun “Oshaberi Salon” I attended..

I just wanna announce that the kawaii Cardcaptor Sakura postcards you see above will be mailed to 5 LUCKY random readers who will answer the blog survey I’m currently conducting. So if you haven’t answered it yet, please do so! ^^

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Thank you to the first 100 readers for answering! Your feedback means a lot! 😀

Making An Extra Effort

As part of my 2015 goals, I really want to focus on taking my Japanese conversational skills to another level. The feeling sucks when you have something nice to share, yet you are unable to voice it out completely.. in the tone you also want it to be delivered.

One day, I decided to drop a visit at our main community center here in Saitama. I was so delighted to find out that they give FREE Japanese lessons to foreigners + they also have fun Japanese culture-themed activities!

And it’s super convenient because the gym that I go to is located at the same mall. Every Fridays, I will be studying Japanese here and from time to time, I can attend the “oshaberi salons”. Oshaberi Salon is like a small gathering of people who want to converse with the Japanese locals + make Japanese friends and also learn fun community activities.


I only had to pay 100 yen for the whole kimono + tea ceremony + interaction in Nihongo experience!

I was able to go out from my comfort zone (where I usually get frustrations ;_;) and introduce myself to the kawaii grandmas and grandpas of Saitama. Who would have thought that I’d make Japanese friends from the older population? <3

It was so much fun! Tanaka-san helped me dress up in a pretty pink kimono and the grandmas gave me a free tea ceremony tutorial huhuhuhu.


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Yesterday was my official last day in Bunka Institute of Language. It was our graduation.   :fly:

I went to Japan to study Japanese in this school. It was a year of almost giving up, failures, worries, conflicts…

But those did not matter. I chose to stay… to prove to myself that I can be good at this. That I am no quitter.

 6 months ago, I took a very important achievement test that I was preparing for a week.

I guess it was too late for me, I was such a bad student before as well..


It was a blow for me when one of the teachers told me that I had to repeat everything that I have studied when I got here.

I was almost there, about to say- “I won’t continue this anymore.”  :tsk:


I’m glad I didn’t. 

Being the only Filipino in campus was hard.. but the challenge was bearable.

I have realized that doing something for the second time is not an embarrassing move but rather, a very humbling experience.

I have no regrets of studying again everything from the very start because I know that this time—- I finished it right.

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