Japan Essay Contest Winners

Konnichiwa everyone! Finally, I can blog about the winners of the (extended) Japan Essay contest from January! *_*

We had to screen 40-50 entries and we really had a hard time to choose!  😥 SO MANY GREAT ENTRIES!! You guys ;___;

To everyone who submitted their essays, domo, domo arigatou gozaimasu!!  :blush:

This contest is proudly sponsored by Japonista Sole ♥ :blush:

Essay Guide Questions

  • What do you like about Japan and since when did it start? What is your Japanese dream if you have one?
  • How do you see the current Japanese Pop-coolture compared to K-Pop and other similar pop-cultures growing in Asia these days?
  • How do you see your own country’s pop-coolture growing compared to Japan’s ?
  • Where do think the global cool-ture is heading? Do you have any ideas about that?
  • How do you relate living in such a materialistic and obsessed generation to ideas of achieving world peace and cultural harmony…can you explore this and do you have any hope and aspirations for the future being part of this kawaii, otaku and kakkoii generation?

Phew.. these must be so hard to answer!  :what:


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Japonista Sole and Pocky Giveaway Contest Winners

Finally, here is the blog entry that (I think) many of my readers have been waiting for~!  :yay: Results for the Japonista Sole and Pocky (Facebook) Giveaway!

Picking the person with the best answer from the 66 participants was one of the most tiring things I’ve done. :tsk: I hate choosing a winner when many have good and well-thought answers! :”(

Osaka Jika Tabi from Japonista Sole

~ Dun dun dun ~

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Rainbowholic X Japonista Sole Giveaway (worth 250 USD)



Rainbowholic & Japonista Sole are giving away the coolest “kicks” you’ve ever seen!

Get a chance to win a pair of Geisha Pop Jika Tabi / Ninja shoes…! :happy:

Each pair costs 9,800 JPY (125 USD). Japonista Sole is based in Japan.


There will be TWO winners.



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