Kamakura & Odaiba Weekend Preview

Hello everyone!

Happy Monday, haha~! *trying to be enthusiastic about Monday*

Just sharing some photos from a fun weekend with my family here in Japan.

It’s been a long time since we did this!!


Momiji = too beautiful!


Toned down kawaii style haha

TY forever to Justin for taking my pictures even when forced hahaha jk :))


Cutie niece Chisa :*


Autumn leaves

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Life Updates + Hiking in Kamakura and The Search for the Great Buddha

Konnichiwa from Japan! <3

It’s a brand new day & I’m really happy to blog again!

Everything is happening so fast and my blog can’t keep up…. >_<

But still.. forever fight.jpg!!


One of my favorite pastime activities is doodling my ideas & goals.. they say that when you write down your dreams, there are higher chances of you attaining them. And I think it is quite true. 🙂

I hope that Kawaii Philippines will expand more and more.. I think I need another blog entry about my feels for kawaii. ; u ;

Creepy-cute Blythe dolls x Bottega Veneta in Shinjuku!

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