Wind Chimes & Edo-style Starbucks at Kawagoe, Saitama 🎐

Hi all!

How are you guys? 元気? I hope you’re all genki (good)! ^^

Yesterday, me and my friend Kiko met up at Kawagoe to visit the insta-famous Starbucks branch & to finally experience the Wind Chimes festival at Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine.

And oh btw, you can watch the early viewing video on my patreon~ heehee! 🎐

Video will be released within the week! Please stay tuned!

I really missed exploring Kawagoe. I went here alone and with my friends before in multiple occasions. We also had some work-related photoshoots here before. Going back with a friend really felt nostalgic for me!

For many years, I would always miss the Wind Chimes event at Hikawa shrine. Not anymore this time, yay!

Kawagoe’s ~aesthetic~

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Dreamy Shibazakura Heaven at Chichibu, Saitama

Hello everybody!

Here are some photos from last weekend.

Enjoy! ^^


Last Saturday, I had a solo trip to Chichibu, Saitama. Ever since I saw photos of Shibazakura (Pink Moss) in the internet, I’ve always wanted to visit such pink heaven! Unfortunately, for the past 4/5 years here in Japan, I wasn’t able to do so (reason = TIME ;_;).

Though I came quite early (the park just opened last April 15/16, I think), seeing the abundance of the pretty shibazakura .. I was so stunned! The place doesn’t even look like real! *_*

Anyway, before I go and show all the photos, here are some ~artsy~ photos I took during my “journey”, haha!


Went to Omiya station to ride the Takasaki Line (local) for Kumagaya. From Kumagaya, I took the Chichibu line.. and unexpectedly, I got to ride a pretty limited express train!

Bonus: There weren’t soooo many people!


Travel essentials! Say hi to my newly baptized cute dino bag by Hedda.


How cute is this train?? And in my favorite shade of blue?

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Satchiko in Kawagoe x JapanLover.Me Store

Hello, hello!

Just sharing this photoset featuring Satchiko modeling our favorite vintage Skajan jackets from Japan Lover Me Store. This set was photographed by my brother Eric, and assisted by yours truly. My cousin Gil also makes an appearance in this special photo series. The location was in Kawagoe, Saitama (known as Little Edo in our area).

Satchiko told me that it’s one of her dreams to become a model. I actually photographed her for Mimi Claire Sweets (she modeled the kawaii decoden cases Claire nee-chan designed) but we didn’t really publish it because we didn’t notice that there were a lot of wrinkles on the costume she wore (kawaii pastel schoolgirl was our peg haha). I knew that it wouldn’t be our last time to work together, so I told my brother Eric to ask Satchiko if she could model our newly released Skajan jackets (we have 50+ waiting to be uploaded, by the way~).

This girl’s energy is so infectious (in a good way, of course) and I love how she sees things in such a bright perspective. Knowing that “modeling” is one of her dreams and seeing her enjoying and being confident in her own skin during the shoot.. I just couldn’t be any prouder (*older sis vibes lolol*). This won’t be our last, and I am very much looking forward to more fun play x work JLM Store shoots with this optimistic gal. 🙂

And without further ado, I would like to present you Satchiko x JLM Store! Enjoy the photos, everybody! ^_^


Japan Lover Me Store (website | facebook | instagram)




DSC_6708_rainbowholic DSC_6741_rainbowholic


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The Search for Sakura in Omiya + Meeting Kawagoe’s Friendliest Fox-like Dog, PRIYA!

Today, my brother told me it was my free day to go out (in case you don’t know, I help him with his work here)! I usually go out during weekends but according to the weather forecast, it will rain again  this coming Saturday! :what:  That would be my third rainy Saturday in a row so.. I grabbed today’s opportunity to go out and see the rest of Japan!  :yay:

My brother told me that Omiya Shrine and Park would be covered with beautiful Sakura… but when we went there, only Sakura trees but not the real pink Sakura yet! : )))

I just wore something simple. My inspiration for this outfit is a tree : ))))

Fail photo of my hot-air balloon earrings.

Vintage oversized buttons are just lovely, don’t you think?

Swimmer Sweet Deco Watch

Yup, bald sakura trees.. : ))

But can you imagine how beautiful this walkway would be once the Sakura blooms?

Testing my new Nikon 1 camera! I love it so much!

I am not a buddhist but I appreciate buddhism beliefs : )

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