#Hobonichi With Me: June 29 – July 3 Diary Summary

Hi everyone!

In case you have missed my #Hobonichi With Me video updates, here’s a summarized entry for you! : )

Been working hard on this series! The entire process is quite time-consuming but this hobby has inspired me to look forward more to each day! Anddddd that is a good thing. ?

DSC_1147 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

My favorite kind of mess. ?

DSCF6903 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me (in the park!)- 06/29/16 (ほぼ日手帳)

DSCF6948 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – 06/30/16 (ほぼ日手帳) – Rilakkuma!

DSCF7188 kawaii hobonichi diary rainbowholic

✏️ #‎Hobonichi With Me – (ほぼ日手帳) – July Page! ❤︎

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Blippo Kawaii Shop December 2015 Review+ Postcard & Holiday Giveaway!

EDIT as of January 2, 2016:

Congratulations Gabrielle H. for winning the Kawaii Blippo items!

Congratulations Khadija for winning the kawaii postcard from Japan! I will be emailing you guys soon! To everybody who joined, thank you so much! Until the next kawaii giveaway! ^_^

Hello everyone!

Today, I’ll be reviewing the kawaii items / overall service provided by Blippo Kawaii Shop once again. I also blogged about them before and you can read the review here. Hope you’ll also take part in another giveaway collab I have with Blippo team! : )

DSCF1131blippo kawaii shop

(I added kawaii stickers / deco tape from Blippo on a kawaii postcard from Japan Lover Me!)


When the box from Blippo came, it actually arrived earlier than I expected! I think I was expecting for it to arrive around a week later that day.

Blippo has a lot of kawaii sister companies. If you’re into kawaii subscription boxes, I recommend Kawaii Box. If you love Japanese candies, try their Japan Candy Box! And if you want to buy wholesale kawaii items / Japanese candies, check out Kawaii Distribution! Perfect for Christmas gift-giving!

Blippo Kawaii Shop Rainbowholic

♥ Blippo Kawaii Shop ♥

Cute Japanese gifts, candy, stationery & accessories with Free international shipping!

Blippo Kawaii Shop

Some of my favorite items from the shop! Peko-chan charger?! OMG! ;_;

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Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum 2 Visit (Video) + Updates & Plugs

Hello everyone! Just a quick post before I start preparing for our video shoot in an hour~!


Just finished editing a mini “comeback” kawaii adventure video at Rainbowholic TV ~


Ashley of Candy Kawaii Lover and I got to visit the “Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum 2” last weekend because of Allie‘s suggestion!

You can view Ashley’s かわいい photos here from her blog post~

ep02 - KPP

Watch the Kyary Pamyu Pamyuseum Tour!

So muchhh funn! <3

Also, I am still working on my “Draw My Life” video ~ and I hope you guys will wait for it… yay~!



Random Kawaii~

Kawaii Randoseru Bags Soon @ Rainbowholic Shop


Yes, you read that right! The iconic “randoseru” backpack will be soon available at Rainbowholic Shop!

Please look forward to it and subscribe to our page via facebook or instagram! 🙂

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Promoting Kawaii Culture and Creativity @ TLC Weekend Festival 2014

Two weeks ago, Kate of TLC (Travel and Lifestyle Channel) Philippines emailed us at Kawaii.PH for a possible collaboration together. Even though our schedule for the following weeks had been set already, I didn’t hesitate to grab this chance!

Here at Kawaii Philippines, we want to share and introduce “kawaii” in different venues. Events are not limited to cosplay conventions / fashion bazaars and the like! Last time, we event promoted kawaii in “MATA Expo“!

We really want to spread the happy kawaii virus through various activities. Honestly, we weren’t really prepared for it (as we were just contacted 1 week before) but because everyone helped out, we were able to conduct a very successful kawaii workshop to almost 30+ people (of all ages)!

And it was all for free~! So much happiness that day~



Following photos are taken by Francis, our newest Kawaii.PH/LOOKS photographer!


Festival yayayayay!


Yay~ I sponsored some button pins from Rainbowholic Cafe.

Speaking of which, I’m really working hard to get the virtual kawaii cafe finished! TT_TT


TLC Weekend Festival

We prepared easy-peasy felt bow DIY kits!


ChiChi’s art!


Wendy, my doll for Rainbowholic Cafe <3



With Rainbowholic Reader turned imouto-chan, Celina!


Kaye (my co-sensei) told me my eyelashes looked so natural! I love you KOJI haha


Our resident Kawaii Boy, Francis!!

TLC24__cb_cb TLC10__cb_cb

Wearing the much-awaited to be released (please wait kawaii girls) Rainbowholic x Lucy Pop Kawaii Girl uniform top!


Chichi so cutee!

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