Hyperreality by Josiah Chua + Kawaii Hunt in Kiddyland

Hello everyone! Good evening from Japan! : )

Just want to share a quick photospam post. Dunno if this would be quick though haha.

I’ve been clearing out all the photos from my 2/3 yr. old iPhone (that used to have 20k photos omg hahaha) and I know that I am months late for this post but I just want to share the amazing POKEMON HEAVEN collection by a talented designer friend / supporter of Kawaii Philippines, Josiah of Josiah Chua Label! Josiah helped out last KIM2 as a Harajuku Fashion Show sponsor. <3 I first met him when Ashley gathered all of her friends in one gathering hahaha.

Two nights ago, we all had a dinner at Harajuku (together with Misato-san, Kelly and Shoushi.. too bad Ashley’s in Kobe, Elleanor & Gervin couldn’t make it). And Josiah, being his usual kind self, bought TACOS for everyone after he lined for Taco Bell Shibuya opening for 3 hours! I think he deserves some applause for that haha. I remember lining up for 2 hours for Little Twin Stars cafe before… and I felt like I was slowly turning Japanese. I think that Japanese people are so patient when it comes to queuing! Haha *salute*


And this is why this deserves to be on this blog. Precious tacos :))


Of course, we had to take a group photo (Shoushi already left) after we finished all the food.

I can’t remember which month was this, but before my Filipino friends and I went to Kawagoe, we first stopped by at Bunka to see for ourselves his collection (lots of kawaii creatures huhuhu).

Photo by Candy Kawaii Lover


This fashion collection, entitled “Hyperreality” revolves around the concept and visual elements of Superflat. The collection extracts visual elements such as the usage of Japanese katakana characters found in the Pokémon manga series as sound effects expressing the atmosphere of the manga frame. The lines found in the dynamic manga frames are later incorporated as the garment’s style lines and seams. The concept of Superflat in Fashion is to incorporate and translate Japanese subcultural elements into fashion objects/garments and propose fresh and unexpected combinations of fashion and the Japanese subculture.

Source: fb.com/josiahchualabel


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