The Dream Kawaii Convention Unfolding Before Me (Part 2)

Good afternoon from Manila~!

Finally, here’s the long overdue blog entry of Kawaii in Manila 2. *confetti*


I chose “The Dream Kawaii Convention Unfolding Before Me” as a title because everything that I envisioned how KIM2 would turn out… it turned out 300% greater!

Until now, I can still remember how everyone was having a great time together while sharing our fondness over the kawaii culture! 🙂

If you are looking for the first part of my KIM2 experience, click here~



Super talented Rian Gonzales WOWED everyone during her live painting!



Thank you le brother for taking kawaii snaps for me! <3 Hello kawaii girls!


Whimsicute will be exclusively sold at Kawaii.PH/STORE! YAYYY!

IMG_0495_cb IMG_0494_cb

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Rainbowholic Cafe: Baby Steps & Progress Report


Here’s a mini progress report of Kaila’s Rainbowholic Cafe dream.

I think that progress reports for every dream are essential, so we all can track if we are indeed moving and making things happen, hehe!  :star:


Initially, I planned to have the “virtual” kawaii cafe to be launched first… but because I’m the crazy one who does everything (though I have amazing creative & super helpful friends huhu!) and I had to concentrate on Kawaii in Manila 2 convention, I had to take a pause in this web project for sometime.

But the visualizing and dreaming and working hard didn’t stop~ I just went to another direction and had adventures, haha! 🙂


And soooooo~ last Kawaii in Manila 2, Rainbowholic Cafe pop-up booth HAPPENED!


Many thanks to my friends from CRAEN Manila (who also actualized our dream convention) for this! Salamat Raymund, Jhoana and Mikee!



At Rainbowholic Cafe booth~ My childhood friends helped me out! Thank you Leo and Aya~ and JJ too!

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Building The Dream Kawaii Convention (Part 1)

Hello everyone, ohayou gozaimasu~!  :happy:

Here’s a quick post (loads of photos) of Kaila’s craziest days in her life– September 5 and September 6!


Had a quick brunch at Tutto Domani~ here’s  a photo of our kawaii primer! 😀

We met up at around 11 AM at Hotel Celeste to prepare for the LucyPop rehearsal + fashion show!

All photos were taken by my brother.. I was too busy fixing everything.. doki doki

While waiting for everyone else.  At first, the LucyPop models / volunteers were all shyyyyyyy! 🙂

After wearing the seifuku, kawaii friendships happened, haha!

You know why I love working with LucyPop Japan too? It is because we share the same vision towards the concept of  “kawaii”.

I met other companies / big people in Japan and most of them cared ONLY about how to make a huge money out of this “kawaii boom” alone.

For me, and the whole Kawaii PH team / community.. our approach with sharing the kawaii culture has always been different. 🙂

Kamiyama-san told me in our first meeting that by wearing LucyPop uniform.. and when you see another girl wearing the same / different uniform, you two can become instant friends because you can feel the “connection”!

I think that most girls who grew up under the huge influence of Japanese culture once dreamt about wearing an authentic one.

So it’s really just more than “wearing” a seifuku like a costume..  it’s also about feeling “kawaii”& realizing a kawaii dream we all girls had / have.

( Wowww so deeep haha~ but really, I think these are true since I did survey around  randomly + I asked the kawaii girls about how / what they felt when they wore one, hehe~ )

And that.. my friends…  is the power of Japanese schoolgirl uniforms, haha!

Big thanks to Justin for doing a great job with the whole Lucy Pop Japan in Kawaii in Manila 2 coverage!

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