Kawaii In Real Life (#KawaiiIRL) Segment Feature + Life Updates

Hi everyone!

If you have time this coming Friday (June 8, Japan Time), please tune in to the Kawaii International episode. I got featured in the #KawaiiIRL segment where I’ll be showing you some clips of my personal life!

NHK World TV Live Streaming
June 8 & June 22 (Fri) Japan time 9:3015:3022:30, 27:30

NHK World TV Video On Demand

Miss the Live Streaming broadcast? No problem! Check out the episode in the Video On Demand “Video Archive”
Available from June 9 (Sat) for 1 year
Other updates so far . . . .

VIDEO: Hobonichi Techo With Me | Pretty Hydrangeas / Ajisai Washi Tape ( ほぼ日手帳 ) | Rainbowholic 💜

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Last Kawaii Hurrah for 2013!

Just a quick blog announcement~

Please don’t forget to vote for our special Tokyo Kawaii Leaders episode to be NHK WORLD’S Best of 2013 / Viewers’ Choice this year!  :heart:

Instructions can be found here~

Many thanks to ChiChi for this adorable gift fan art! TT_TT

Been super busy these days (actually, my body is about to give up huhu.. *sick*)..

Hopefully I can blog regularly again! So many things going on lately!!! I won’t stop working until I achieve my goals! 🙂

And YAYYY! 2 months to go and I’ll be back in Japan, with loads of objectives in preparation for 2014 (Cafe, Kawaii PH, JLM)!

Quick blog update is quick.. more stories and photos soon! 🙂

<3 Kaila

Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

This year will not end until I get to finish the Kawaii Leaders series! :))  :tongue:

Before I share what happened in this day  (and I’ll do my best to recollect everything in my head)..

I’d just like to announce that our episode “Kawaii Leaders Take On Tokyo” …

…. got NOMINATED for NHK WORLD’s Viewers’ Choice Award / Best of 2013!!!


With the lovely Kawaii ladies-  Mio, Eva, Stella, Marie and Misha Janetteさん!<3

Please vote for us, お願いします!!!   :cheer:


My “kawaii heart” to be discussed later~ hehehe!  :heart:

Throwback Thursday Video hehehe <3


Outfit for the day~


Unicorns and galaxies!  :heart:

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Kawaii & Yummy Sweets from the Philippines (As Featured on Kawaii International)

Just a quick update with lots of sinful & saliva-inducing photographs~


Last July, when I was about to go back here in Manila from Japan, I was asked again (together with fellow Kawaii leaders) to introduce the “kawaii sweets” we have in our own country.

I got a message from Salla-san (and the director) about the instructions and one of those was about our own version of “crepes” here in PH.

For this sweet mission, I asked two of my friends (ChiChi and Anne) to have crepes with me!

Luckily, another submission of mine was featured as well. It’s “halo-halo”, one of the yummiest summer desserts we have here in Philippines! It was so funny when I discovered that ministop Japan was also selling “haro-haro” during last year’s summer! :))

Polvoron + minion cupcakes = super super cuteeeeee!



Sweets + friends =  :blush:  :yay:

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