Harajuku with Kaila, Stella and Eva!

Great news everybody!

You can watch awkward turtle Kaila again on NHK WORLD! : ))

The episode “Kawaii Leaders take on TOKYO” took first place in Group E!

It will be aired again on Dec. 29 & Dec. 30 !!

The times are bit different than the usual air of Kawaii International, so please, mark your calendars! 😀

[via Kawaiii Official page]

In UTC or Universal Time Coordinated:
December 29, Sun. 0:10/4:10/8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10

In JST or Japan Standard Time:
December 29, Sun. 9:10/13:10/17:10/21:10
December 30, Mon. 01:10/05:10

In Philippine Time:
December 29, Sun. 8:10/12:10/16:10/20:10
December 30, Mon. 24:10/04:10

You can also watch it ONLINE! Click here~


If you’d like to have a “Kawaii Leaders” marathon here on Rainbowholic blog, here are the links:

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Kawaii Leaders Day 4: KAWAii MATSURi BTS & Show

Kawaii Leaders Day 5 (Part 1): Unlimited Kawaii Food + Koshigaya’s AEON Lake Town Trip

Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

Last Day at Ginza with Kawaii Leaders + Uniqlo Kawaii Style + Yummy Okonomiyaki in Harajuku

A Free Day with Fairy-kei Girls, Gals and Lolita Marie in Harajuku!

Last Kawaii Hurrah for 2013!


Apparently, I still have missing entries. Haha! I think I left the photos stored in my computer in Japan.

When I come back next month, lots of flashbacks and throwbacks! : ))


And because of this kawaii surprise, I decided to write about our last day together in Harajuku. Yay for window shopping, eating and becoming a bodyguard hahaha~

Last Day in Harajuku!

I was so happy with the free / sponsored make-up that I took a photo of everything again. It’s not everyday you’ll get the whole set! *_*

Thanks Eyemazing, you are eyemazeballs .. ٩(●˙▿˙●)۶…⋆ฺ

Oh just another ordinary day.. seeing my boyfriend and my exes promoting their album… : ))

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Last Day at Ginza with Kawaii Leaders + Uniqlo Kawaii Style + Yummy Okonomiyaki in Harajuku

Hello friends! How are you?  :heart: It’s crazy how time flies so much! I cannot believe it’s DECEMBER AGAAAIIIN! : )  :heart:

Even though things have become busier because of our www.kawaii.ph website launch this December 21,

I’m really happy that all our visions and objectives are finally coming true!

Ever since I got chosen by NHK World to become Philippines’ “Kawaii” represent in April 2013, I felt that I had to share and help spread kawaii more in a very hands-on way here in the Philippines. I decided to go back here in Manila last August.. and now, I have two months left before I go back to finish my new set of duties in Japan (which is to create more ties in order to bring Japan’s kawaii-dom closer here in Philippines.. and maybe to SEA / South-east Asia as well, with Stella and influential kawaii people!)! I feel so lucky to have dedicated teammates who really go out of their way for this dream kawaii project despite all the hurdles and negativity from naysayers (sad case of crab mentality crap here in PH). The more they question / dare to spread rumors regarding the team or our passion-filled projects, the more we get pumped up to do more work! Seriously, I think I’ll cry when December 21 finally arrives! : )


A year ago, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life and work. All I knew was I’ve got to TRY everything out and see what would work the best (as suggested by my TokyoFashion.com mentors). So I went out, met people.. and tried out different sorts of things.. and those were all kawaii-related gigs in Tokyo! Not all worked out so well even though I did my best… but I just realized that in every opportunity that I created for myself before (you don’t wait for those to come, you really create those.. hashtag learning haha), it led me another.. and to another, and to another.

Now that I have my plans solidified and laid out (all the way until 2015 guys, lol), I’m nervous yet excited to “execute” them all! Kawaii cafe in the Philippines, JapanLover.me Dream Tweam in Tokyo Design Festa November 2014.. and possibly, a Kawaii Convention in Manila in 2015! How exciting will these be?? I don’t know yet HOW in the world I can do all of these but I’ll just do the best of my best. : )

So much work to do, no time to blog already.. ooops. ~guilty~  :blush:


Kawaii with Uniqlo & GU (ji~yu~)!

Anyway, that’s my work-related update for now. Let’s enjoy the photospam below already. So much text already, ughhhh : )))


Here’s a super throwback blog entry of our last day together for our Kawaii Leaders in Tokyo special.  :yay:


Uniqlo x kawaii fun with Lolita Marie & our favorite pink&blue-haired Eva!

We had a giveaway for Kawaii.i fans way way way back~! 😀

Riding the subway with the girls~!

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Last Kawaii Hurrah for 2013!

Just a quick blog announcement~

Please don’t forget to vote for our special Tokyo Kawaii Leaders episode to be NHK WORLD’S Best of 2013 / Viewers’ Choice this year!  :heart:

Instructions can be found here~

Many thanks to ChiChi for this adorable gift fan art! TT_TT

Been super busy these days (actually, my body is about to give up huhu.. *sick*)..

Hopefully I can blog regularly again! So many things going on lately!!! I won’t stop working until I achieve my goals! 🙂

And YAYYY! 2 months to go and I’ll be back in Japan, with loads of objectives in preparation for 2014 (Cafe, Kawaii PH, JLM)!

Quick blog update is quick.. more stories and photos soon! 🙂

<3 Kaila

Kawaii Leaders Day 6: Last Day of Taping + Lifetime Supply of Fake Eyelashes + Mio’s Surprise Birthday Party

This year will not end until I get to finish the Kawaii Leaders series! :))  :tongue:

Before I share what happened in this day  (and I’ll do my best to recollect everything in my head)..

I’d just like to announce that our episode “Kawaii Leaders Take On Tokyo” …

…. got NOMINATED for NHK WORLD’s Viewers’ Choice Award / Best of 2013!!!


With the lovely Kawaii ladies-  Mio, Eva, Stella, Marie and Misha Janetteさん!<3

Please vote for us, お願いします!!!   :cheer:


My “kawaii heart” to be discussed later~ hehehe!  :heart:

Throwback Thursday Video hehehe <3


Outfit for the day~


Unicorns and galaxies!  :heart:

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