Kawaii PH Movement Supported by Tokyo Extra + #TokyoExtra Behind-the-scenes

Hello everybody! Hope you guys are having a Jolly Christmas so far with your loved ones!

For today’s blog update, I want to share some of my thoughts / what happened during my unexpected #TokyoExtra guesting last Sunday.

I am still feeling quite euphoric after all the sudden blessings for me and my Kawaii Philippines family.

If somebody would ask me what was the biggest achievement I’ve had this 2015, I would definitely say that it was the Tokyo Extra episode.  It’s funny how me and my teammates would just joke around about “Kawaii PH” being yummy ~ and being approached after… “someday”. Years later, someday is today.

“Balang araw, sila na rin lalapit sa atin pakonti-konti! Basta galingan na muna natin.” (Someday, they will come and support us naturally. For now, let’s do our best!)

And who would have thought that 2015 for Kawaii PH would end in such a promising way? Me too, I never really expected this coming! Maybe it’s the universe’s way of saying that our sincere kawaii movement also deserves this kind of recognition. Thank you Universe, supportive friends, believers, and everyone for making this possible!

Tokyo Extra Kawaii Philippinestokyo extra kaila ocampo kawaii philippines

Got to wear this confidence-boosting terno / butterfly sleeves bolero again! I first wore this during Kawaii in Manila 2.

When I was packing my stuff for Japan last time, for some reason.. it felt like I had to bring this with me. And last week was the reason!

It’s amazing how things work out for you when you just believe that THERE will be great things for you! ;_;

So friends, DO BELIEVE and BE POSITIVE that you are bound for greatness!

Tokyo Extra Kaila Ocampotokyo extra kaila ocampo kawaii philippines

Tokyo Extra team advised me to arrive in a holiday-themed outfit. Great thing that this terno bolero looks perfec with my favorite white dress!

Photo 12-20-15, 10 00 46 AMtokyo extra kaila ocampo kawaii philippines

Packing my stuff!

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Representing Kawaii Philippines On Tokyo Extra

Hello everybody!

This will be just quick because I’m currently in the middle of my work / day job.

To those who missed my #TokyoExtra live guesting last Sunday, here is the archived youtube link!

Tokyo Extra Kaila Ocampo

Screencaps from Armaine

I cannot thank everyone enough for the tremendous support you all have given to me (up to this point). To my always and super supportive Kawaii Philippines family / community, maraming maraming salamat (thank you so much) for the cheers, tweets, and messages! To Yumi-san, Akira-san, and everyone from Tokyo Extra, thank you so much. To my OurKawaii.Tokyo half Ashley, thank you for helping me with the episode promotion. A million thanks from me and Kawaii PH. Thank you for supporting our kawaii cause / positivity movement!

With so much love,


Am I Dreaming?

Hello everybody! Ohayou from Japan! 🙂

I’m soooo happy because:

1) It’s SATURDAY! Finally, rest time after such an exhausting week! Also, we’re going to watch STAR WARS later … and …

2) This whole #TokyoExtra stint / studio guesting opportunity still feels surreal.

I will not be going just for myself, but I will be there to represent my entire community back home, Kawaii Philippines.

kaila tokyo extra rainbowh copy

Thank you so much ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush for this! ;_; ありがとう, twin!

For the first time ever, a Japanese media production company / program has voiced out their support and cheers for Kawaii PH. That really means a lot to me / the entire KPH family because it’s not because we want to be recognized deliberately (we work for the cause, not for the applause XD).. but because we want to spread this “kawaii virus” that has infected our lives so positively! I’m still quite at a loss (shocked state) because it all escalated so quickly! I did not know anyone personally from Tokyo Extra.. it was just an email from months ago that led to another email (Thank you Yumi-san for being so sincere and supportive + believing in us!!), and then weeks later, my dear friend Ashley was chosen to be the commentator for the last episode… and then this. ;_; It was a series of magnetic events, seriously! This is the best year-ender! ;_;

To all the people who have believed in me, Ashley, and Kawaii Philippines.. really, really thank you! : )

Anywaaay, enough of mushiness! I’ll be more mushy after the show itself. Hehe~

Here’s a quick promotional video I created. Not sure if it is effective to make you stay up late (it’s midnight in the Philippines when the live show starts) but I hope this would be convincing enough! 😀

You can watch the youtube livestream show here:

[Youtube Live Stream Schedule]
December 20, 2015 (SUNDAY)
24:50, Tokyo Time
10:50, New York Time
15:50, London Time
23:50, Philippine Time (11:50 PM)

Tokyo Extra Archived Live Show (featuring Ashley Dy as Commentator)

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Tokyo Extra Youtube Livestream Show!

Hello friends!

I have a big announcement today!

This coming Sunday (December 20, 2015), I will be part of the show called “TOKYO EXTRA”. It is a production by TBS Japan.

I will be representing Kawaii Philippines, Japan Lover Me and Our Kawaii Tokyo! It’s so surreal and it still feels like I am dreaming. ;_;


You can watch the youtube livestream show here:

[Youtube Livestream Schedule]
December 20, 2015 (SUNDAY)
24:50, Tokyo Time
10:50, New York Time
15:50, London Time
23:50, Philippine Time (11:50 PM)

Many thanks to TOKYO EXTRA team for believing in me + our humble kawaii community. This is our FIRST time to be featured on Japanese TV!!!

One of my favorite past episodes from TOKYO EXTRA is about Asakusa, Tokyo! You can watch it here.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

tokyo extra


“TV × YouTube Live show”, Connecting TOKYO & All Over the World.


Tokyo Extra Youtube | Tokyo Extra Google Plus Page }

番組の最大の特徴はTBSでの生放送と同時に、YouTube Liveでも“英語版の番組”を海外に向けて生配信。海外からのリアクションや質問もテレビ生放送で紹介します。東京の視聴者と海外の人々をテレビ&インターネットで結び、リアルタイムでの交流を生んでいくことが狙いです。


tokyo extra ashley

Watch Ashley’s Youtube livestream show here!

If you have topic suggestions / comments / reactions, you may tweet us at @kailaroo / @tokyoextra with the hashtag #TOKYOEXTRA & #KAWAIIPH!

We are also encouraging everyone to post via Google Plus photos of their favorite kawaii shops / activities / cafes / places! Please tag +Tokyo Extra, +Japan Lover Me & +Kaila Ocampo! Or anything that you love about Tokyo!


Please wish me lots of luck! I am sooo nervous!!

Many thanks to Yumi-san & Tokyo Extra team for this huge opportunity!

Thank you Ashley, Eric 兄さん, Kawaii PH Team, JLM Family, #OurKawaiiTokyo readers, friends, family, readers and everyone!!

Love, カイラ