Strawberry-picking Time + Neko Neko Kaira + My Sakura Love

HALLUUUUU Rainbowholic friends <3 I’m almost typing this blog entry half-asleep.. hopefully I’ll make it until the end, haha~ ^^

I really love how last week happened. So productive, fun and memorable! Even though I’m 80% just by myself (my brother / “boss” went to Manila for business / vacation).. I’m really having the best days. It feels like an incubation time for my silly brain and I + my new long-term project is always making me excited! 😀 Just a few more weeks guys, and “we” are gonna launch it! *wink*



Last week, JL姉ちゃん invited me to go strawberry-picking with her family & friends! I forgot where it was (I am always forgetful when it comes to names ugh) but it was an hour drive away from Saitama.

I’m really digging the “kawaii touch” simple look these days. I don’t go overboard with accessorizing anymore haha~

Wore the simple heart tights + added autographed Domo to the complete coordinate 😀

For about 1,500 JPY (i think), we had the whole day for unlimited strawberry-picking. We had to eat everything inside though.

Ichigo, ichigo~

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Twinkle by Kaila

Earlier this month, I have started my own hobby-turned-business venture here in Japan! Many thanks to my peers who have pushed me & supported me with this crazy idea! Also, for some reason, there’s a secret Kaila in me wanting to study cinematography or something related to that. Oh well, I’ll just see how my future will surprise me. Seriously, I have too many dreams and aspirations in life…. My head is spilling of ideas and I only have two hands to catch a few! But it’s better than keeping your both of your hands closed right..?  :hihihi: Anywayyyyy~


*drum roll please*

Kaila (カイラ) loves being in the company of children.

Armed with her favorite Nikon D90 and a wide collection of lenses,

you can be sure that she can freeze your child’s best moments in life with her laid-back style of documenting.


Let Kaila capture your child’s twinkling eyes with her charm and carefree style of seizing moments. 


It’s a prerequisite to write an “about me / about us” on Twinkle’s facebook page.. hence the copywriting above. Hope it wasn’t that bad since I feel that I’m not really clever with words (I’m more of a visual person, remember?). ^^


My first client was Klara (thank you Mommy JL!) on her 4th Birthday! I was so happy that the video had received positive feedback from their family and friends. Nothing feels better than producing a heartfelt video.  :heart:

Her birthday was Tangled-inspired. Everything was handmade by her mom!


And soon after, we immediately planned another photoshoot session with super adorable Klara (who can speak better cute English than anyone). God, she is too cute whenever she tries to speak in Japanese!

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