Sweet Costumes In The Candy Forest: Kyary’s Costume Exhibition

Hello everyone!  :happy:

Hope everyone is enjoying his/her Christmas Eve! : )

As promised before (I’m trying to keep all my blog-related promises now, haha!),

here are the pictures I took when Ashley and I visited the “Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Costume Exhibition” in Roppongi! : )

Check out Ashley’s photos from her blog too! I love her pictures so much ~


Watch the video tour here~

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Furisodeshon ~


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Hongkong Kawaii Adventure with Anne + Kyary Pamyu Pamyu World Tour 2014

Last week, my Kawaii.PH co-founder Anne and I traveled to Hongkong to accomplish our first overseas work.

Since many Filipinos find Hongkong their favorite place to travel and shop, we thought of making a “Kawaii HK Travel Guide” by compiling our own kawaii discoveries during our quick trip. We also went and cheered for Kyary.. and represented the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu PH community in showing support to the Kawaii Queen herself. ^_^


Personally, I feel that HK has the “Japan vibe” and I’m sure many Japanese kawaii lovers would enjoy this country. Almost all snacks in their convenience stores are from Japan! :O

Happy feet!

It was a dream come true for Anne to watch a KPP concert! *happy mom-like mode haha*

And because luck loved us, we got snapped by the press people / official photographers!

Never thought that the official KPP fanpage on facebook + a news website from HK would upload our pics…! @_@

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Sharing Kawaii and Happiness

And yesterday happened.


Still having the Kawaii in Manila hangover ;_; Even though I was part of the organizing team, I also felt like a participant! ;_;

THANK YOU to each and everyone of you who supported!! ;_;

Kawaii in Manila” was an amazing experience.

It felt great to be in the same room with people I look up to and fellow kawaii girls.

I learned a lot & I will surely apply everything I learned in my life!

Thank you so much for all your handwork! Everything was worth it.” – Savie

My next entries / “report” would be all about Kawaii in Manila, so be ready for the spam! What happened yesterday was really really awesome!!!

Also, to those who wanted to join the workshop but wasn’t able to.. I have GREAT news for you!

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