Kansai Spring Trip 2016: Sakura + Kimono + Kyoto!

Hi everyone!

Starting the week right with a blog update, yay! :))

To continue our quick Kansai trip last Spring, here are the photos during our last day in Kyoto. Also, here is Abbey’s blog entry about her Japan trip. <3


I can still remember how perfect that day was. I think that there was a divine intervention that happened, haha!

DSCF1029 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Imagine, it was our last day in Kansai (we had to leave later at night for our night bus). Abbey wasn’t feeling well during the earlier parts of our trip but her colds MAGICALLY disappeared that morning (meaning, yay, we could go to Kyoto!!)! When we arrived at the Osaka station, we almost gave up in searching for “empty” lockers but we found a place where we could store ours (also inside the BIG osaka station). We found a kimono rental shop within our first minutes in Kyoto (I was about to use the google map but our luck was overpouring that day, as you can tell). It didn’t rain and it was a perfect “Spring day” with cherry blossoms in FULL BLOOM all around the city. When I checked the weather, I found out that it was the last “ok day” for the cherry blossom trees in Kyoto because it heavenly rained the next day. *_*

kyoto-kimono.jpg rainbowholic-sakura-kyoto.jpg

Maybe we combined each other’s luck?? Haha!


Walking in kimono in Kyoto with one of your dearest friends = #friendshipgoals :))


DSCF0964 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Hobonichi Diaries + ABCxRainbowholic Trip

DSCF1019 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Thank you cherry blossoms for waiting for us!

DSCF1093 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

DSCF0998 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

DSCF1013 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

DSCF1074 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016


DSCF1058 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016


DSCF1094 kyoto sakura cherry blossoms spring 2016

Let’s start with the actual narration! Shall we?

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Japan Lover Me Turns Three + Cute Dino Goods+ Japan Spring Adventure Preview

Hi everyone!

Just taking a break from today’s work duties. Taking a break = blogger mode on, haha!

If you’ve been following my snaps (rainbowholic.me), you would know how I’ve become so (overly) attached to my hobonichi.

I think that this hobonichi activity has become my regular stress-reliever. Everyday, I respond to many emails and messages (mostly to answer clients’ inquiries / to disseminate tasks within my team) and I would easily get overwhelmed by everything happening all at the same time. I’ve realized that allowing myself to have a downtime (and just be myself, doodling my dreams on papers and designing the pages with washi tapes lol) is actually a good creative exercise. : ) You guys should also try it! Add more color to your day ~


It’s amazing how a simple work day like today (and mind you, it was stressful haha) became much more interesting with this simple form of leisure!


I bought some Gudetama stickers / washi tapes when I went to Sanrio Puroland before.. and I’m so happy that I finally get to use these for a personal project! 😀


God of Kawaii Zen lol

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Hobonichi Diaries + #ABCxRainbowholic Kansai Trip

Hi all!

I just came back from a 3-day trip to Kansai (Osaka / Kyoto) with cappie Abbey. Here are some photos I’d like to share~

I took so many photos and I hope I can blog about the whole trip soon!


Not sure if I’ve already mentioned it on the blog (ahh, my memory ;_;) but I recently got myself a Hobonichi planner / diary (Spring edition). I actually discovered this months ago when I was lurking around a LoFT branch in our area and coincidentally, one of my good friends from Australia (Hi Jenni!) posted a page of  her super kawaii hobonichi planner (lots of pretty doodles, go give her a follow on instagram)! Hobonichi kept on haunting me for a couple of months (maybe 2 or 3? haha).. and I managed to practice self-control (which was TOUGH because I’d keep on looking through hobonichi planners everytime I’d go to LoFT). I’m actually proud of my purchasing habits presently because I don’t easily buy on impulse anymore as much as before, haha! #KailaAchievements

I told myself that if we exceed our goals / objectives for Japan Lover Me Store for another month, I’d finally get myself one. And we did! I waited for Abbey to arrive as well so we can choose our hobonichi diaries together. <3


During our last day in Kansai, we went to Kyoto to view the city in full sakura bloom.

Of course, we had to rent pretty kimono sets! 😉


Wanted to take these cuties home with me!

(If you’re curious, I blogged about my Kyoto travel (Summer) before and you can read my tips here! ^^ )


Perks of having a friend who loves traveling / going around Japan / taking photos with you = pretty ig-worthy photos!

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Planning Your Kyoto Experience [Summer Edition]

Hello everyone! Konnichiwa from Japan!

Before I start this special and chunky blog entry about my favorite place in Japan (this has taken me 3 days or so to consolidate everything~ woot~) ..

I just want to share this beautiful illustration art by Little Miss Paintbrush for Japan Lover Me!  :woww:

Experience Japan

Look at that cute Totoro riding the Shinkansen with a flying Doraemon : )))


ANYWAYYY..  Moving on…

I know that this post is way OVERDUE already (considering the fact that I went to Kyoto.. last Summer 2014~ wow haha!) but I figured that this might be helpful to those who would love to travel to Kyoto during Spring / Summer (not the extremely cold season like now huhu).  🙂

You have 3-6 months to plan for your ultimate Kyoto backpacking trip! WOOO! I hope that this guide will be helpful. ^_^

I actually didn’t have any itinerary at all, I just went with the flow the whole time! I’m usually the organized type of person (who, at the minimum, would have “places-to-go” list / or a travel guide book with her)…  but that time, I was planning a Kawaii in Manila 2 convention with my friends and my organization skills were focused solely on those..

And I was like…


True story bro :))

Anyway, I’ll try to my best to make this list of things-to-do as simple as possible. I’ll continue my “Kyoto Photo Stroll” series next time! 🙂

It feels so weird to blog about Kyoto in summer when it’s winter season here!

#RainbowholicTravels in Kyoto

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 Before starting your Kyoto adventure..

Before I embarked on my journey to the heart of Japan (sorry Tokyo, but it’s not you haha)..

I still considered to do some basic preparations.

First, I checked the weather of the region. I think that this is a must for every trip! : )


Even though it was summer, there were rainy days as well. I didn’t want to go backpacking with wet shoes so I brought with me my favorite pair of sturdy yet おしゃれ (fashionable) sandals + extra comfy sneakers  for longer walks. : )


My travel period was from July 3 to July 10. Honestly, I only thought that I would be there for 5 days maximum, but I decided to extend my stay for 2 more days because 5 days were just not enough!

I only brought a big backpack with my extra clothes and girly necessities, a small canvas bag and my mini shoulder / camera bag. I think that if you want to go on backpacking adventure around Japan… SUMMER would be the best time since you can just bring extra shirts and shorts for convenience. If you want to relax and just shop, travel around Japan during colder seasons. If you’re in for a unique and super adventurous Japanese travel experience, summer then! : )

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