Why We Need Our Regular Dose of Thankfulness + Some Insights About Depression


Yesterday, I met up with a “long lost friend” whom I’ve just exchanged comments on instagram. We haven’t met each other personally before but it felt like a reunion, instead of a “first meeting”. I cannot recall how many times the web / this blog has introduced me to these wonderful people whom I really consider as friends now. I am grateful for the universe for these lovely coincidences because I actually find it rare to “connect with a person” so comfortably. Call me an old soul, but I am the person who is tremendously interested in being part of a conversation that is all about dreams, positivity, passions, adventures, and life pursuits.

This girl whom I’ve just met goes by the name Nelli and she runs a blog called “Sweets and Brains“. She is currently an English teacher in Korea. If you’d like to visit South Korea someday, please do visit her blog for cafe / travel suggestions! : )

While we we were going deeper and deeper in our conversation, I realized that we do have a lot of things in common (aside from being observant introverts haha). She studied psychology in her university and this field is actually something that I also find interesting since it mostly deals with human interaction, haha. As I was telling her about what I think about “kawaii culture”, she told me that my opinion about kawaii could also mean “positive psychology”. And when she said that, it gave me goosebumps. The feel-good goosebumps. I guess she hit the right words that I’ve been trying to also figure out in my mind. Indeed, the way I plan to “spread kawaii” through my blog and collaborative projects is also my way to spread and educate others that かわいい can be a positive mindset, rather than the usual keywords about kawaii: fashion, character goods, dolly dresses, and the like.

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NHK World Kawaii International People’s Choice Award + Life + JapanLover.me

First of all …


(Please ignore the eyebags caused by being a workaholic, hehe! Actually, I think that these are my natural “smiling eyes”. I just smiled at the camera without thinking of how to pose because of overflowing happiness hehe.. okay too much text inside the parentheses -_- )

I know that I haven’t been updating my blog as religiously as before & that I have more than a month’s worth of blog entry-able stories to tell but you guys are still here! Reading cheers through comments / mails from you all.. I am really blessed. ;_;

*i hope I won’t tear up until the end of writing this entry*


 Kawaii International’s People’s Choice Award: KAILA???

When I learned the news, I was totally @____________________@ jsdfdjfksjafkadfjska!!!!! SPARTA!!! (not really)

This was aired in the most recent Kawaii International episode. Here is my surprise win (blog entry) from before!

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And Then Life Happened

I don’t know if you guys were aware but..

I was suddenly hospitalized for a week after my recent foreign trips. @_@ I didn’t eat something bad along the way (the dishes were all heavenly btw) but it was because of the sudden rush of things / everything just happened ALL AT THE SAME TIME ;_;

I was rushed two times with an ambulance in 2 different days because of the unbelievable pain in my right abdomen. At first, the doctor told me that it was ulcer (dafuq, I always eat ;_;).. and then on the next day, we had my tummy check and it was because of gallstones! It really freaked me out because I’m actually a healthy eater (now). : O :O

It all started when I was on my way back to Tokyo while riding the airplane. I thought it was because of my claustrophobic nature (I checked in a bit late so I wasn’t able to change my seats >_<). I felt a sharp pain somewhere in my tummy. I even stayed for an hour in the comfort room just so I could breathe! I went back to my unlucky seat (located right in the middle ;_;) and just prayed that I could sleep and the plane would land soon.. it was an 11-hour flight btw ;_;

Upon arriving Tokyo, I felt a lot better already. I thought it was because of my.. period (I always feel bad when I have red days / pre-red says)! BUT I WAS WRRROOOOONG. At around 11pm that day, I experienced my first major attack!! I quickly called my brother from their house if he could send me to the hospital because I felt like I was dying already.. I couldn’t breathe and it was just TOO PAINFUL huhuhuhu.  Unfortunately, the “emergency room” system is SO different here in Japan. They won’t accept patients (even if you’re dying) at once.. you still have to patiently wait for your turn to get treated / it is by reservation. Imagine me sitting on a wheelchair and then my brother was having a debate with the guard / nurse / reception.. We gave up after that so my brother just called an ambulance (which was for free ;_;) and they helped us send me to vacant / not-so-busy hospital! I thought it would be all gone if I just rested but…

After two days, I felt a sharp pain again despite the meds I was taking so my brother called the ambulance for aid. I got all kinds of tests / exams within the day… and then doctor told me I had to be hospitalized ;_______; My sister-in-law just gave birth so imagine all the bills my brother had to pay…  :tss:

At that time, my life really paused.

I accidentally brought the overdue unopened mails from my readers with me. It was perfect timing because I really needed these during my down times ;_;

Thank you Brittany & Katieee!! 

I was bored to death in the hospital so my brother brought  books. This was one of those..  :heart:

For two freaking days, they didn’t let me eat and drink water because everytime I did, it would hurt like hell again.

I literally lived because of the dextrose.. imagine not drinking water for two days ;_;

Whenever I update Rainbowholic’s facebook page… it would always relax me. It’s probably because I can easily interact with my readers.

Thank you all for the sweetest messages during my ;___; times …  :cutee:

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Lessons From A Brother

For a change, this blog entry won’t be about me.



When I was around 9 or 10 (?), I remember waking up quite early one school day morning. My second oldest brother Eric, had arrived from Japan.

My mom told me Kuya (older brother in Tagalog) had presents for me from his Japan trip. He was sent by his school to participate in a science convention (astronaut-related, if my memory does not fail me). Kuya Eric has always been an achiever so we weren’t that surprised when his school decided to send him off for Japan. After all, he was once a valedictorian and president of the student council.

I was so happy. I got a Japanese-style fan and my first ever tamagotchi! And it was from my brother, which made it more special.

After that trip, we knew that something had changed in Kuya.


My brother started to tell us about what he saw in Japan. Anime shown in local Philippine channels was my only portal to imagine this wonderful country.. until my Kuya’s stories. Kuya was only a highschool student that time so by the time he was in senior (or even junior) year, he was planning his future already by applying for college government scholarships here in Japan. Unfortunately, he applied for a really difficult course related to engineering through the Japan Embassy of the Philippines…. and he failed it. But that did not stop my brother, he applied for a one-year exchange student program and he got accepted! This is why he knows Kyoto well like a tourist guide. : )

I can still remember when we had a phone conversation and I asked him about snow and sakura, if he had witnessed those already, etc. He described his experience to me and that was my first time to want to go to Japan as well.

And, I really missed my brother that day.

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