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おはよう (Good Morning) from Japan!

I just want to announce that my dear friend / twinnie ChiChi has finally launched her Little Miss Paintbrush Website!!!

chichi romero lmp

chichi romero meet the artist

Read ChiChi’s inspirational story here.

I’ve witnessed how ChiChi worked hard on this dream website of hers and I couldn’t be more prouder to share this with you! If you are an artist or you want to pursue art someday, let her story inspire you.

It still amazes me how she is the breadwinner of her entire family. In the Philippines, it’s very challenging to be an artist while you provide for the family. For me, she is really one of the most inspiring people out there. Not only that she is humble to the core, but because she is truly a genuine person. She makes art to spread positivity and to make others smile! (To be “chichified” is both an honor and responsibility.. just kidding lol. Corny joke attempt hahahahaha)

When she was younger, she got a scholarship program under Assumption Development Foundation (which we would like to get as a beneficiary for the Kawaii Market 2016 we are planning *crosses fingers*) and they really helped her finance her education. Imagine how you can change many people’s lives just by helping out a child who is overflowing with so much potential and has the heart to give back?

I remember the time when ChiChi’s pen tablet got broken and we had some deadlines for Japan Lover Me (we work together in the same company) and even with just a mouse, she was able to finish the illustration requested. Now, that’s pure talent! I’m seriously blown away by her professionalism + skills. And I’m super proud to call her as my friend.

I know that someday, ChiChi’s art will grace more books, magazines, publications, exhibits, lifestyle & fashion goods, and so much. I really believe that this big dream of hers will come true someday. : )

I will be here as a friend to give my all-out support as she continues to unlock more dreams while she proves to the world that you can be who you want to be, as long as you put your soul and heart into it.

Much love,


(I’m really a cheesy friend hahahaha)


My 25th Birthday

Hello everybody!

Thank you so much for all the birthday greetings! Even for just a day, I felt extra special to the point that I really tried my best to not tear up so much inside the train while going home.

To my 24 yr. old self, let me hug you tight! ;_; I think that you did a pretty good job. It was sure one hell of a year of ups and downs, but you came out so much stronger! I’m proud of you, Kaila!

Rainbowholic Kaila Ocampo by Little Miss Paintbrush

I woke up and saw this super adorable gift art by one of my dearest friends, ChiChi / Little Miss Paintbrush posted on Japan Lover Me!


The day started quite simple and ended so unexpectedly!

At first, I just wanted to attend the mass (like how my Mom and I would do, whenever I’m home for my birthday) + visit Takashi Murakami’s super colorful “Flower Cafe” in Roppongi Hills. To start the year right too, I visited a shrine and rang the bell just like most Japanese would do. I didn’t expect that I would end up in Ueno, but I’m glad I did~!

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#Reese1stAlbum + + Littlest People Calendar by LMP + Dolly Kaye’s Alice in Wonderland Collection + More!

Hello everybody!

Before I go to sleep, I’d like to share these events / works by my friends! 🙂

Reese 1st Album Arigato Internet

Reese, one of the original founding members of Kawaii Philippines + our resident kawaii musician / kawaii sushi, will be having her FIRST album launch this December 6!

Click here for the complete details. To RSVP, here’s the official fb event page.

Huhuhu, I wish I could be there! :((( You are so lucky, Manila people!!

A Song About Space 

From dancing along to nursery rhymes to being begrudgingly dragged by my family to the karaoke machine, and after years of being a closet singer-songwriter in high school… I’m finally ready to release my first (self + friends-produced) record!

Date: December 06, 2015 (Sunday)
Venue: Green Sun, 2285 Chino Roces Ave Extension, Makati City (@greensunph)
Time: 4 pm to 10 pm

There will be:

Snackssss, intergalactic ice cream, DIY booths, an Instax booth, live calligraphy & illustration, a ukulele tutorial station, stickers, temporary tattoos, and MORE ♥ Exclusive Reese merchandise (umm, Grammar Nazi pins, zines, ++ more, anyone?) available in very limited quantities.

Please come! That’s a Sunday guys! BRING YOUR WHOLE FAMILY, it will be a fun, chill, feel-good event even your cranky lola will enjoy. I guaranteeeee!

Twitter, IG, Snapchat: @reeseypeasy
Youtube: – L’essential ♡

ashley dy

My dear friend Ashley has recently relaunched her blog (!

Dreamy Japan photos, personal thoughts, travels… 

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The History of the Coolest Japanese Souvenir Jackets

Japanese Souvenir Jackets or more famously known as the “Sukajan” (Skajang/Skajan) trace their roots during the World War II when the American troops stationed in the Pacific have wanted to have some “memories” or souvenirs of their foreign assignments to bring back home to mainland. It has sort of become a solidarity uniform or remembrance of their posts and service in the war and their comrades with whom they have spent some of the bravest time of their lives. It is said to have originated from Yokusuka in Kanagawa Prefecture where its name is thought to have come from – “Suka” from Yokosuka and “Jan” from the Japanese term Jumper or ジャンパー or jacket in layman’s term. The famous maker of them during that time is the staunch brand, TOYO Enterprises, which still exists until today.

Artwork by Little Miss Paintbrush

Nowadays, Sukajans have again invaded the wardrobe and closets of famous pop-artists ranging from Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Pharell Williams, Harry Styles and the like – enjoying a massive cult-following among these personalities’ fans. Although this iconic fashion street wear, have been experiencing a more-or-less 5-to-7-year cycle of hyping up and down annals of Street Fashion, for sure, it is here to stay and remain a staunch form and expression of one’s strong inclination and personal statement towards fashion.

In short, for the avid fan and collector of fashion iconic pieces, more specifically, Japan-orginated ones, having 1 or 2 of these sukajan will definitely pay in the long run as they have become treated like vintage and antique collectibles that is bound for many generations to enjoy. The main reason for this is that, for each lot and design, even until now, makers usually do not make more than 200 pieces of each design including all sizes which explains the rarity and value among them.

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