Sanrio Puroland Part 2: Kiki & Lala’s Twinkling Tour + My Melody Road Drive


Here’s an overdue kawaii spam from my Sanrio Puroland adventure last month. Since I have too many photos, I decided to split the blog entry into many parts. Enjoy the Little Twin Stars & My Melody dreamy photos! Click here for the first part 1 of this series.

DSCF3653 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

If you love taking photos with the displays, you will love Twinkling Tour attraction in Sanrio Puroland! ^^

DSCF3648 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

DSCF3680 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

For more info about Sanrio Puroland, check out our OurKawaii.Tokyo post!

DSCF3629 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

DSCF3631 kawaii sanrio puroland tokyo

Took this mini flier while we were waiting for our turn.

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Tokyo Sky Tree Escapade + Hello Kitty Japan + Rilakkuma Heaven

Yesterday, Leen and I went to Tokyo Sky Tree for some catching up time! <3 She’s really like a sister to me only that she’s from Indonesia & I’m from Philippines. Heehee~  :pink:


We really love this purikura machine. It always makes our skin so flawless! : )))


Hope you enjoy my narration of what happened today~! <3

Here you go~

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Twin Stars


Finally got to to wear Leen‘s Kiki and Lala print skirt (which she sewed for me! omg)..

Just wore a simple black shirt and pinned the bow Celina gave to me~  :star:

Super cute mall girl bracelets from PSC Trinkets! Thanks Karin  :33:

As promised, we wore our shoes from Swimmer! My favorite lolita stuff shop  :hihi:

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