Japanese Summer Dreams + Rainbow Yukata + Kawaii Aesthetic

Hi all!

Last weekend, one of my anime dreams finally got fulfilled, lol! And it was to have yukata date at a matsuri here in Japan with Aki. Just thinking about how the fireworks looked magical (first time to see hanabi THAT close omg).. aah, I’m so 嬉しい (ureshii = happy).

Thank you for researching on this one!

In many occasions, I always have to take the lead (work work work) and only in this relationship I can just relax and not to get stressed about planning, etc. lolol #truestory

How much did we spend on this?? ZERO!! :O

If you’re going to Tokyo / Saitama next year, I highly recommend the Toda Koen Hanabi Taikai (Fireworks Display Festival) ~

Not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m bringing back all my oldskool photomanipz skills into use haha. I used to do these when I was in highschool (and upload my photos / photomanips on deviant art hahaha)

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Gudetama + Daily Japan Life + Love ?

Hi everyone!

Currently on a lunch break right now and I need to head back soon to the office (which is just.. 30 seconds away lolol). Thought I should update something here about recent happenings. I’m actually feeling a bit sick but for some reason, my mind is just so overly active. My body wants to rest, but my mind is feeling restless huhuhuhu send help.. ;_;

Anyway, here are just some random photos I took that I wanna share 🙂


Complete Pikachu babies! Thank you Sponsorさん lol!

Grandma Kaila style ~

Growing Gudetama plushie collection. Perfect for my videos & #flatlays, lol!

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How To Move On From A Heartbreak

Hello everyone!

Since it is still fitting to blog about love (it is February after all), I thought of writing about one of my highly-requested topics from my female readers…  and it is about how to fully move on / get over your past. : )


 Doodled above are just some of my tips on how to move on.

Disclaimer though.

I’m far from a “relationship” expert so I am just sharing what I did to fully heal & become this happy life-lovin’ gal that I am now. : )

I promised myself before that once I am fully healed from the hurt and resentments.. I would share it to others.

And you know me.. once I feel that my life lessons can help others too, I wouldn’t hesitate to share my struggle-turned-success stories. ^^

– What I Think About Love –

– What I Learned About Love –

Just to give you guys a background of my situation (since we all have different kinds of love, hehe~).. I’ve had one serious relationship before. I’ve had few infatuations / crushes here and there (do Korean boyband members count? LOLOL. It’s hard to move on when they get new girlfriends haha) and basically that’s just it.. so far (lololol). I cannot remember how many years it has been but we don’t talk anymore (I think it’s the best for the both of us). We got together before I moved to Japan (around 4 years ago?), and had a long distance relationship for a year or so. Since it was my first ever commitment (never thought I would, at 19 haha. that’s how of a planner I am when it comes to my life lol).. I kinda took it hard. Of course, rejections in any FORM.. would sting & can be painful. Rejections can make a person feel bitter and insecure, and it’s normal. But what I’ve learned is.. that kind of feeling shouldn’t be dragged too long. I also had an ideal perspective about relationships (that my first boyfriend would also be my last.. or “the one”).. but I guess, it does not apply to everyone. And some people do get into a couple of relationships before meeting the person they are meant to be with. It’s a case-by-case basis for each person I guess. : )

I am the type of girl who’d take “commitment” seriously. And I wouldn’t easily fall in love with someone I wouldn’t imagine to be part of my future (I weigh all the pros and cons haha). I would rather be single in my twenties than have a complicated series of love life (lololol series??).. I guess that’s just really me, and I’m being unapologetic about it. And honestly, I am having fun with my current work and daily activities. Basically I just treat the love life part as an addition. I used to also think that life would be “complete” if you had a special someone with you to celebrate special days and whatnots. But not anymore. : )

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What I Learned About Love

Hello everyone!

Since it’s the Valentine season, I think that it’s just timely to share some of my thoughts about love.

Why I think that “self-love” is the most important kind of love that we tend to overlook.

And some facts about my crazy standards. : ))

I am no relationship expert and I am just sharing my opinion based on my past experiences that is related with “love”. : )


If I were to give my 20 yr. old self a friendly advice, this is probably what it would be.

Maybe this would come handy for future Kaila too.. so I’m blogging this as a reminder.  : ))



I used to think that love should be like what we see in the movies / Korean dramas. I know this is quite embarrassing to reveal… but there, I said it. Haha! I know many can relate. I don’t know who to blame for all of these expectations, haha. Damn these books by Nicholas Sparks & unrealistic Korean drama plots, haha~

So far (lolol I kid), I had one serious relationship. And it was during the most unexpected times in my life.. and with the most unexpected person, hahaha. Even though things didn’t turn out well in the end and we had to part ways , up to this point, I have no regrets. And I’m still glad that we were each other’s firsts.. because I can’t imagine if I got into an abusive or worse commitment instead, huhu… (with all the crap that I’ve encountered in my life, I still feel blessed and lucky haha). At that time, I also felt genuine happiness and it was something that we both wanted anyway. No regrets, just love indeed. : )

When my first love and I broke up, it was during my most confusing times in my life. I often questioned God why.. why that time. I had a health concern, I was struggling with my blogging dream career.. and I was just about to give it up all and return to the “normal” person. Right now.. all I could honestly say with sincerity and zero grudges is that..

Thank you for breaking up with me. It was one of the life-changing events that made me who I am today. Thank you for making me realize that I almost forgot myself… to love myself.

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