Love from Rainbowholic + Valentine Cuteness in LoFT

Hello all~!

I prepared a Valentine-themed entry ~ hope you’ll enjoy the photospam ^^

Wanted to share and give you a glimpse of the February scene here in Japan. You could say every season is really commercialized here. No wonder Japan’s economy is so strong because everybody wants to spend something for everyone! Hehe~ ^^


Anyway, here are bits of photos from today’s break from work.

First fail: Weirdly shaped 100 yen heart balloons >_<

Wanted to have a mini photoshoot that will match the current Rainbowholic up there ^^

Chibi by Little Miss Paintbrush

Made the simple garter skirt + Tiara bows ~

Speaking of Tiara bows… Tracy sempai is currently holding a massive giveaway for her brand’s 3rd yr. anniversary! 🙂 The prizes are so fun + かわいい〜 & you should try your luck by joining here. Yayayay  :pink:

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