Kawaii Photospam Dump + Cardcaptor Sakura Items + Dolly Kaye Dresses & Mad Tee Party Coordinates

Hello, everyone!

Just sharing a bunch of kawaii photos I took recently + other overdue updates! <3

I actually drafted this post way before I went to Hokkaido lolol & only rediscovered it now. I added some recent kawaii discoveries too and I hope that you will enjoy the kawaii visual experience of this post! So many colors *_*

When my eyes landed on this kawaii ECONECO coloring book, I knew I had to buy one for myself! It’s so magical and pretty inside!! *_*

If you’re interested, you can also grab a copy from Rainbowholic Shop.


Decided to drop by at a Krispy Kreme branch and was surprised how Halloween was so early!

I think that Halloween is undeniably one of the most celebrated seasons here in Japan. *_*


Caramel Halloween Jack and Maple Milk Frank! Even the names are too sweet and kawaii haha.


The packaging = WIN!


Saw the cutest “Lip Cream” from Sanrio! OMG HOW DO I CHOOSE ONE?


Been addicted to Decoupage DIY projects recently. I can’t wait to update Kawaii D.I.Y. to introduce this!

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Kawaii PH Store: The Philippine Dream Kawaii Brand Collective

Hello Rainbowholic friends and かわいい shopaholics in the Philippines! OMG!!! ;_;

I proudly present to you… KAWAII PH STORE, a kawaii brand collective based in Manila, Philippines.



All of us here at KPH Store are dreaming big that someday… we will be able to start exporting our made-with-love handmade items and let this “kawaii movement” create livelihood opportunities that will also provide employment among our Filipino brothers and sisters (ex: Kawaii Factory). We used to aim to bring Kawaii Japan to the Philippines, but now, since that has been successfully achieved already,.. we are ready to take bigger risks and scare ourselves with our crazy dreams. We would like to bring Kawaii PH to the world by using all our local resources and maximizing the power of the web. : )

This project was made possible with the help of our talented friends over at Mediaflakes + Little Miss Paintbrush‘s mad kawaii illustration skills! Thank you so much Earvin, Candie, Janel, Jillian, Kaye, Francis, Eric 兄さん, Mica.. everyone~! ;_; I consider this as a milestone in my kawaii career together with my friends, huhuhu!

There might be bugs here and there.. but no worries, we are working on those! Kindly bear with us for a while. : )

What is the Kawaii PH Store?

It is a store-slash-collective made up of artists, designers and dreamers who wish to start pursuing bigger dreams of establishing their own brands one day by tapping on this platform’s leveraged power – an idea called “collective marketing strategy” that is based on the ideals of helping and inspiring each other for common good.

We believe that collective hype is much more effective in marketing local talent and earning eyeballs in the increasingly competitive global marketplace for new, innovative and quirky ideas.


What are the goals of this community-based platform?

First of all, the direction of this collective is geared towards leveraging the talent, potential and capacity of Filipino artists, creators and designers towards achieving global acceptance and recognition of what is called as the Filipino talent and creative (noun) disrupt as our contribution to the development of the worldwide Kawaii-lifestyle movement.

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