Koenji with Pixie Tracy and Toy Shopping with Justin in Tokyo

Yay! A blog update~!  😥 Got some free time tonight so I decided to share some stories of my fun days with friends here in Tokyo!

Even after the week-long  Kawaii Leader project with NHK / Kawaii International, my first week of May was also packed / “fully booked”! So many friends coming over during the Golden Week! I think I was outside almost everyday… ;_; It was so tough and challenging since I have to juggle so many responsibilities (real work / JapanLover.me / Rainbowholic ) all at once. *_* I think I need to divide myself into 3 more.  :blank:

Anywaaaaay, I’m still very grateful because my friends from Manila came to visit! It was so funn and I almost forgot all of my obligations..! :”) Wish I could do this more and more..  :star:


I’ve been collaborating with Tracy姉ちゃん for a couple of projects together. For the work x fun meeting, we both decided to go to Koenji since we love the overall vibe in this place~! We also planned to visit the SPANK! store… which explains our matching SPANK! -inspired fashion looks here.

So pop and pastel~y!  :333:

Work it work it

Perfect weather + not so many people + streets with lots of hidden treasures..

She’s rocking the tights from SPANK!

Thanks to my friend Chris, we found Floresta! Such a perfect chill place.. :O

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