Rainbowholic Shop + Dolly Kaye Birthday Giveaway + Kawaii Girl Look

Hello Rainbowholic friends!  :happy:

Just a quick post for today~ lots of promotion first before this blog’s special and long overdue  “Kawaii in Kyoto” and “Kawaii in Hongkong” posts!



First, I uploaded a bunch of items that were first released during the Design Festa participation last month!

Please check Rainbowholic Shop facebook and instagram~ I haven’t uploaded everything yet..

I am currently “cleaning up” my closet and I have a lot of pre-loved kawaii stuff for sale!

If you like “Kaila Style” fashion, then please be on stand-by mode~ : )

rbowholic shop freebies

First customers for the special holiday promo (until December 31, 2014 only!) will get these handpicked kawaii camera notepads!

Most of the items we are offering @ Rainbowholic Shop are applicable for FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. I am only offering this special promo until the end of 2014 because everyone has been so supportive of my / our projects!

Also, to all interested Kawaii / Kawaii Lifestyle Bloggers, I will open a special Blogger Program for Rainbowholic Shop.

Dolly Kaye Birthday Giveaway

(For Philippine Residents Only)


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Dolly Meiku Practice + POP N CUTE #4 Halloween Version!

My face on your screen.


I was bored so I played with make-up + iPhone 5’s front camera is just too.. great @_@ I wouldn’t wonder if people would just opt to buy smart phones rather than digicams now..

I actually wanted to take a photo for every make-up step but obviously, it was a fail :))


After that, I grabbed my not-so-costume Halloween costume? :))

I knew I would be busy during Halloween so I just had my own party in my room for a few minutes (and then went back to work @_@)..


I bought this really cheap set from a 100 yen shop (probably for kids hahaha). I was a chocolate witch and my broom would be.. the Pocky sticks?? dafuq? :))


My Dolly Make-up Routine

This would be my first Beauty-related entry because some readers suggested I should blog about this. I feel that I am the most unlikely person to be asked about Beauty / Make-up stuff but anyway.. hopefully this would be of any help to someone out there? : ))

Usually I wash my face first then apply toner and let it sip in for a while. If my skin feels a little dry (especially in Winter -_-), I put on moisturizer too.

After that, I use BB magic cream from Etude House for overall concealing + moisturizing + brightening effect. I use ONLY MINERALS for my foundation base..

For my oily eyelids, I will use my foundation from Etude House (the dark purple one in the photo). I usually put on a lot on my eyelids if I will be out all day. I think I’m the only weirdo who does this, hahaha~

Don’t forget to put on foundation on your neck / jawline too! You wouldn’t want to look like a ghost during non-halloween days..

Before, I’d really put baby powder on my eyelids too @_@ my eyelids are that oily .. especially in SUMMER and during hot days!

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Lazy Day + 100 Yen Shop Visit + Popteen April 2012 Favorites + Angry Eyeballs!

Never thought that today would be so eventful! It all started with a lazy outfit for a quick Seria (100 yen shop) visit.. turned into a simple gyaru make-up session.. and more!  :woww:


Yesterday was so awful! It was Japan’s “Haru no Arashi”! It’s the official drastic period that marks the end of winter and the start of Spring!

There was a windstorm-like weather yesterday afternoon. Crazy experience but I was really glad to see that today was entirely different from yesterday.

Hello sun and blooming flowers~!

(just realized the caption had no connection with the two photos above, hahaha)

During my lazy days, I just wear my favorite acid wash Uniqlo “jeggings” (has abused this for so many times). I know many don’t appreciate jeggings but I think this is the only one that’s rockable : ))

Wore my brother’s turquoise wagara jacket with koi & sakura accents! Even during lazy moments, dressing up a bit would make your mood better.  :heart:

While on my way to Seria (just a 10-minute walk from our apartment), grabbed a snack from 7-eleven! Sebuin Ereben! : ))

Nikuman / siopao is my ultimate favorite snack! It’s hot and cheaaaap!

Just  a random photo of an interesting vending machine I saw while strolling around. Mystery drink, anyone?

何が出るかは? What will come out?

100 yen falsies aren’t bad. I bought the natural-looking sets before and they’re mighty fine!

So cute, don’t know why I snapped this photo. Hahaha.

If you want to buy cheap DIY stuff, 100 yen shop is the best place to go!

Contemplating if I needed a long boots keeper for some of my boots.. didn’t buy though. Haha

Hello Kitty corner!

After that, I went to Maruetsu (a grocery store) just right beside Seria to grab some sweets. So proud of myself to go out without any!! YAAAAY!


As I was walking home, I saw this treeee! Don’t know what it was though.

So beaaaaautiful! Can’t wait for Sakura to cover all over Japan!

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