Back Home For Nanay


I haven’t told a lot of people about this.

I’ve been here in Manila for quite some time.


This time, it’s not about a business trip or a long vacation like what I would usually do in the past.

It’s actually because a very dear family member is really sick at the moment. When I found out that her sickness was worsening, I impulsively booked a flight to Manila without much preparations. I think that I had mentioned it before that going home was not part of the plan this 2015 because I wanted to concentrate on the work projects we have for the entire year.. but if a special person / your family needs your companionship, how can you ignore the situation? *sniff* I will never forget the smile and look on her face when I “surprised” her with my presence and haggard self. It’s amazing that with just your mere presence, you can light up someone’s day.

Nanay. We all fondly call her as “Nanay” (which means “Mom” in English) and we treat her like our real grandmother. She is actually our family nanny and all of my siblings and I grew up under her loving care. She cooked for the entire family too. Everything that Nanay made before in her prime years… super delicious, for sure! Oh how I treasure those moments. ;u;

I’ve been here for the past 2-3 weeks already (got lost track of time) and I’ll be going back to Japan soon so that my other cousin can go home too while I take over & help my brother with our work. I can’t wait to book again a flight after saving up enough money in Japan. It really pains me and bothers me a lot that I cannot be here at home for a long time so I could take care of Nanay. 🙁 Honestly, it has been such a whirlwind of emotions recently and I’ve had a lot of sad moments. It’s okay to be not super okay at times, I guess. I am just praying a lot right now for her health. ;_;

Anyway..  I don’t want to finish this blog entry while having a sudden crying fest.. or continue to write about sad things. Yikes!

For now, here are some photos / moments that made me smile and happy during my stay here. : )


Had a Jollibee date with Anne Kate after my surprise Cosmania visit.

Having a great day with a friend + meeting your kawaii family spontaneously = the best! I temporarily forgot my problems and fears that time.


Went out the house to refresh. Bought books and read a lot to keep myself from thinking about sad things.

You really have to find and create yourself your own sunshine during a stormy phase / week.


After Nanay’s hospital check-up, mom gave us a treat. Yay for simple joys such as this sundae from McDonald’s!


My hyperactive niece Riona really cheered up everyone’s spirits!

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The Rainbowholic Meet-up in Manila

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★ Oct 18 2014 | Mother’s Crepe and Cafe | 1-3:00 Pm ★

[What to expect]

☆ Inspirational / motivational talk by yours truly ☆

☆ Dreamboard creation and visualization exercise ☆

☆ Dream kits prepared with love ☆

☆ Tips on how to become a (Kawaii) leader / an achiever even if you’re the shy type hehe ☆

☆ Free milktea drink from Kaila hihi ☆

☆  Meet-and-greet (some of the) Kawaii.PH Teammates ☆

[How to apply / join]

Simply send an email to with the following details:

• Subject: [Rainbowholic Meet-up] Last Name, First Name •
• Name •
• Age (16-21 yr. olds only) •
• School / occupation (if applicable) •
• Blog (if applicable) •
• Facebook URL •

• Where did you find out about this event? •

[Short essay question]

“What is your dream? What will you do to achieve your dream/s?” (1-3 paragraphs)

~ most striking / noteworthy submissions will be picked! So convince me with your creativity / answer hehe ~

Deadline: October 11, 2014 (11:59 PM)

I will announce the chosen 10 Kawaii Girls on October 13, 2014. Good luck everyone!

Everything is for free! 


My lesson plan / activity flow is catered to 16-21 yr. olds as of the moment. If you are still willing to go and meet / and watch my short talk / presentation, you may still do so (but I will be just bringing my laptop for the presentation)! Please do keep in mind though that I have made reservations for 10 girls + Kawaii.PH teammates only. If you are planning to watch and mingle with us, please don’t forget to support the venue, Mother’s Crepe and Cafe, by ordering your own food / drinks. Thank you for your kind understanding! 🙂

This is self-sponsored and I’m really just doing this out of passion and love for sharing. However, at the moment, I have to set some rules & conditions since this is my first time to organize my solo meet-up … and I hope that some of my terms wouldn’t turn out to be offensive to others who cannot be accommodated. >_<

Many thanks for the support and wish me luck!  :hihi:

Love, Kaila

Rainbowholic Blog Readers’ Mini Gathering (Manila 2014)

This is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time.

For the first time ever, I am organizing a mini kawaii gathering with Rainbowholic blog readers here in Manila!

I will teach you how to visualize / help you become a magnet of luck (through hard work) / learn the magic law of attraction.

Sign-up form (and official poster) will be posted on this blog tomorrow (October 3, 2014, Friday) and I will be handpicking 10 readers (based on their short essay for the Q&A) for this intimate meet-up at Mother’s Crepe and Cafe SM Megamall branch.


No workshop fee and I will even treat you a drink.

I just wanna share my personal experiences + I want to “pay it forward” to others and future (kawaii? XD) leaders / co-leaders.

I have been blessed to live a life I just used to dream about (kawaii has become officially my lifework) and I want to share how you too, can achieve your dreams.

Before I leave for Japan, hope I can meet you ~

mother02 mother01

Rainbowholic Blog wouldn’t be here without the support of  its readers! ^_^

Good luck and let’s have a kawaii time together! ٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ

Love, Kaila

January 3 + Food and Friends + Everyday Kawaii Life

Before you scroll down below, go and watch TV first OR check your facebook / instagram because this entry will definitely take a lot of time to load.  😆


This blog entry will contain random snaps from my handy iPhone from last December up to now~

I actually have moreeee and this one has been filtered already. : ))


Honestly, for the past days / week, I’ve been feeling drained. And a little bit lost.

I actually thought of closing down this blog (not my social media accounts) for quite a long time because of the amount of work / sudden gush of responsibilities (family-related) I have now.

But I realized that the amount of work or that the load isn’t really the problem.

It’s just that I didn’t know how to spend my time wisely nor organize everything in an efficient manner, without sacrificing something that I love doing.

It might be a bit weird but after reflecting whether to stop or not, I came up with a list on how to make blogging become more effortless on my part~ and I’m doing it now.

I have to maximize the hours I have in a day to allot time for everything that I want to accomplish.

I have to be more responsible in handling my time. : )

My aim this year is to not be tirelessly busy, but be more focused & productive so that I could have more time doing what I enjoy the most (to keep me sane, hehe)!  :yay:


Hope you enjoy the kawaii photo spam below!  :happy:

Random La La La

Before my birthday (actually during Kawaii PH launch day), ChiChi handed me a Christmas + birthday present.

I didn’t open it until it was Christmas and imagine my shock when I saw a framed giant CLOW CARD called THE RAINBOWHOLIC.

ChiChi is a creative genius!  :heart:

Watching the sunset while sitting on the grass. Simple joys that I very much treasure.

On my birthday, after attending a morning mass from our church, saw this dreamy cotton candy blue vintage beetle.

Someday, love.  :blush3:

Waiting for the sunrise from my place.


Yay for food <3

2013 ended with this great news.

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