Kaila in Yukata Preview + Bon Festival in Urawa + Daikanyama with Sig

Hello everyone~

Before I go to bed after a long day, here’s a “very Japanese” blog entry again, haha.

As always, I’ve been juggling a lot of activities and projects recently. Hopefully.. everything would work out fine in the end. 🙂 Just going to remind myself over and over that I have to enjoy the breaks, struggles, and the entire craziness of it all. *gives self a pep talk*

ALSOOOOO… I have a big announcement these coming days too. Praying that it wouldn’t be jinxed! Fight.jpg >_<


Weeks ago, I had a mini kawaii photoshoot wearing a Yukata with Justin. I cannot wait to share the photos here ~

For now, here’s a preview! hihi


– End of Teaser –


Spotted these dioramas while strolling around the mall.

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First Summer Festival / Matsuri in Urawa

Hello everyone! I was supposed to post this entry yesterday but got busy  because of my fun work… ^^v Thank you to my first batch of clients from my Japan Fashion Shopping service~

Hopefully, I can launch a revamped Rainbowholic Shop within the week! I’m so excited to tell you guys about it but it’s still half-baked… 🙂

All smiles for the first summer festival in my lovely home, Urawa!!


I think I brought Harajuku with me. Some people stared while I was walking… I guess it’s a different atmosphere here in Saitama, haha.

Went with my sister-in-law & brother. We are wearing our happi attires!! Wanted to wear a yukata but I will save that for hanabi~ yeah!!  :yay:

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